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  1. there are 3 main ways by which the existance of things is proved
    • personal experience - I have seen it so I know it exists
    • Reliable evidence - I have not seen it , but other people have convinced me that they have
    • using a chain of reasoning to reach a conclusion (logic)
  2. why are religious experiences different from ordinary experiences
    religious experiences have a life changing affect on people , convincing them that God exists . This means meeting God personally - it is a person's strongest proof that God exists
  3. Thiests say that there are ways that you can prove that God exists . For example , if you have had a religious experience that :
    • has changed your life and made you a better person
    • changes the lives of others for the better
    • reveals the spiritual truth and given guidance
  4. a type of religious experience includes : experiencing God through ...... - Christians believe that :
    • scripture
    • God speaks to them through the Bible
  5. a type of religious experinec includes : meditation - meditation helps some people :
    feel close to God by focusing on a holy object , just siting quietly or thinking about God
  6. a type of religious experience includes : worship - Most Christians say you can experience God through ......
  7. visions - In 1858 , fourteen-year-old ...... Soubirous had a visio of ....... - the mother of .... - near a cave in ..... , France . She heard a breeze through the tree and bushes at the cave entrance although there was no wind . She saw a ..... and heard ..... ..... .... .... This happened to her ..... times . She became a nun and later a .....
    • Bernadette
    • Mary
    • Jesus
    • Lourdes
    • light
    • Mary speak to her
    • several
    • saint
  8. dreams - Abraham is an important figure for Jews as well as Christians and Muslims . He often had dreams in which ...... ...... ... ... . Abraham also had ..... and .............................. . He did what ..... .... him .. .. even though it was often .... . Whenever God spoke to Abraham it involved things which ....... his ..... . He became the ...... of the ..... nation
    • God spoke to him
    • visions
    • God spoke to hime on several occasions
    • God asked
    • to do
    • hard
    • changed
    • life
    • father
    • Jewish
  9. conversion - Saul was Jew who ....... ..... . He had a conversion experience when he saw a ....... and heard a ...... ...... to him . He was ..... and ... ... . He regained his ..... after 3 days . He became a ...... and spread the ..... of ...... . He changed his name to ..... and later became a ....
    • persecuted Christians
    • light
    • voice speaking to him
    • blinded
    • struck silent
    • Christain
    • Gospel
    • Jesus
    • Paul
    • saint
  10. mystical
    experiencing something that is beyong words and allows that person to lose his/her self and experience God
  11. what is an argument against the existance of a mystical religious experience
    people could just act like this to make themselves feel abnormal which leads to them thinking they are having a religious experience
  12. miracle
    an event that seems to contradict the laws of nature and have a religious meaning
  13. what is an argument against the existance of miracles
    • all abnormal events seem to be classed as religious because they seem unusual however in life there are always abnormal events as nothing is perfect
    • some things that contradict the laws of nature in a bad way are not classed as a religious experience because it looks bad on God , so why should other be classed as a religious experience
  14. sense of wonder
    experiencing God by looking at the complexity of the world
  15. What is an argument against the existance of a sense of wonder miracle
    • people could look at the world and admire how complex it is and believe they are experiencing God as they are praising him as the believe he is the creator of the world
    • an athiest can admire the world , yet they would not experinec God even though God thinks the athiest is prasing him for creating the world
  16. guidance
    the feeling that God is guidng somebody through his or her life
  17. whta is an argument against the existance of a guidance religious experience
    from an athiest point of view how can you be guided if the person who is guiding you is not on earth withg you
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