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  1. Name three composers associated with the Empfindsamer Stil.
    • CPE Bach
    • WF Bach
    • Georg Benda
  2. Classicism stressed balance and design. Describe the effect on melody, phrase structure and form.
    • Melodies clearly defined with regular phrase structure.
    • Short, melodic motives.
    • Clear cadences.
    • Homophonic nature rather than primarily contrapuntal (polyphonic) like Baroque.
    • Sonata concept and multimovement design of contrasting tempos.
  3. 2 characteristics of the Empfindsamer Stil.
    • projects "natural" feelings into music.
    • stresses change of affections (within movement)
  4. Primary Italian and first significant symphony composer
    Giovanni Sammartini
  5. 4 pre-classical composers not associated with the Mannheim School.
    • Sammartini
    • Michael Haydn
    • Mozart (Leopold)
    • CPE and WF Bach
    • Gossec
    • Boccherini
    • Jommelli
  6. 6 composers active in Mannheim
    • Johann Stamitz
    • Karl Stamitz
    • Franz Richter
    • Franz Bech
    • Ignaz Holzbauer
    • Anton Filz
  7. Dates of Pre-Classical Symphony
  8. Rococo period
    • bridge between Baroque and Classical period.
    • style galante (like Rameau)
  9. Describe the typical orchestra at the end of the 18th Century
    • pairs of flutes, oboes, horns and trumpets
    • timpani
    • strings
  10. Describe the 3 decades of pre-classical symphony with dates.
    • 1740's-borrowed French Overture and Sinfonias. 3 movements. Concert Symphonies rare.
    • 1750's- borrowing continued. True concert symphonies written. Still 3 movements. Vienna and Mannheim are active.
    • 1760's- disappearance of French overture and sinfonia as concert symphony surragates. 4 movements became standard.
  11. When was the first set of symphonies published?
    • 1740-50's
    • These were groups of sinfonias and overtures.
    • Published in London "Periodical Overtures"
  12. Full names of JC Bach, WF Bach, CPE Bach, CF Abel.
    • Johann Christian Bach
    • Wilhelm Friederich Bach
    • Carl Philip Emmanuel Bach
    • Carl Friederich Abel
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