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  1. you may drive off the roadway...
    under no circumstances
  2. you are approaching a railroad crossing whith no warning devices and cannot see 100 feet down the track in one direction the speed limit is
    15 mph
  3. when parking your vehicle parallel to the curb on a level street
    your wheels must be within 18 inches from the curb
  4. when merging onto the freeway you should be driving
    at or near the same speed of traffic
  5. when driving in the fog use your
    low beam headlights
  6. a white painted curb means
    unloading mail or passengers only
  7. a school bus ahead of you in your lane is stopped in your lane flashing its red lights
    stop until red lights stop flashing
  8. CA's basic speed law says
    never go faster than is safe in conditions
  9. how soon should you notify the DMV when you sell your car
    5 days
  10. to avoid last minute moves you should look
    10-15 seconds ahead
  11. on a left turn signal
    100 feet before the turn
  12. bigger trucks have bigger____ than other vehicals
    blind spots
  13. if involved in a minor collision and cant fid the owner
    report the collision to the police and leave a note on the owners car
  14. unless otherwise posted the speed limit in a residential area is
  15. you may legally block an intersection
    under no circumstances
  16. when parking uphill on a 2 way street with no curb your tires should be facing
    away from the street
  17. class C licenses let you drive
    a 3 axle vehicle 6,000 pounds or less
  18. to turn left on a multilane street you should
    turn from the lane closest to the left curb
  19. if involved in a traffic collision you are required to give report to the DMV
    if there was damage up to $500 or injury
  20. roadways are most slippery
    after first rainfall in a while
  21. you may not park your car
    next to a red curb
  22. 2 sets of double yellow lines
    may not be crossed for any reason
  23. on right turns
    slow down and signal 100 feet before turning
  24. if traffic on the freeway is moving 70 mph in a 65 mph zone you should go
    65 mph
  25. it is illegal yo park in
    an unmarked crosswalk
  26. the safest thing to do with a cell phone in a car is
    pull over and use the phone
  27. In a sandstorm use you
  28. passing another vehicle you should
    not assume the other driver will make space for you to return to your lane
  29. on a freeway marked for 65 mph and most vehicles are going 70 you should go
    65 mph
  30. driving in faster than traffic and passing vehicles can
    increase chances of getting in a crash
  31. what vehicles must always stop at railroad crossing
    tank trucks marked for hazardis waste
  32. on a 1 way street you may turn left if
    traffic is going left
  33. A truck turning on an intersection
    may have to swing wide to complete its turn
  34. you may cross a double yellow line if the line next to you
    is broken
  35. at intersections crosswalks and railroad crossing you should always
    look to your sides of the vehicle to see whats coming
  36. you drive defensively when you
    look for hazards
  37. you are driving behind a truck on the freeway you should
    drive farther behind it than smaller vehicles
  38. listening to both headphones is
  39. always stop before crossing trailroadcrossings if
    you don't have the room to cross
  40. when you tailgate other drivers
    they may get angry or irritated
  41. should you always drive slower than the traffic
    No it may cause a traffic jam
  42. you see a person on a construction zone you should obey their instructions
    at all times
  43. you can drive in the bike lane
    200 ft before a right turn
  44. you see a flashing yellow light at an intersection
    slow down and pass cautiously
  45. a pedestrian is J walking in front of your car you must
    let them cross the street
  46. you must obey school crossing guards
    at all times
  47. a solid yellow line next to a broken yellow line means
    the car next to it may pass
  48. you are getting ready to turn right turn you should
    slow down, stop if necessary then turn
  49. if traffic is blocking the intersection but it is a green light you must
    wait till it is clear then
  50. you are in a truck drivers blind spot if you
    cannot see them through their mirrors
  51. after you pass a car it is safe to return to you lane when
    you see their headlights in your rear view mirror
  52. during the first 12 months after you are licensed you must be accompanied by an adult 25 or older if you are
    transporting minors between 11P.M and 5A.M
  53. a police officer notices that one of your passengers is not wearing a seatbelt
    you may receive a citation if the passenger is under 16
  54. if your car starts to skid you must
    slowly ease your foot off your gas peddle
  55. you are turning onto the freeway you should check traffic by
    using your mirrors and checking over your shoulder
  56. witch way do you turn your wheels when parked uphill next to a curb
    turn them away from the curb
  57. cargo extending more than 4 ft from your rear bumper
    must be marked with red lights or flags
  58. you have had your license for 8 months, you may
    drive between 5am and 11pm unaccompanied
  59. one of the tips in the handbook is
    pull over and rest when tired
  60. your wheels should point strait ahead unless you are
    parked on a hill or sloping driveway
  61. while changing lanes you should
    look over your shoulder to make sure the lane is clear
  62. on a T intersection the vehicle
    on the through road has the right of way
  63. the speed limit in an ally way is
  64. to see vehicles in your blind spot you should
    look over your shoulder
  65. if 5 or more cars are following you on a narrow 2 lane road
    pull off when safe and pass
  66. when sharing a road with a light rail vehicle
    never turn in front of one
  67. even if your car is able to curve on a turn you should slow down because
    there may be a collision ahead
  68. you park your car on a level street you should
    get out and look for pedestrians
  69. when parked on any hill you should have your car in
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