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  1. What did Benjamin Disreali, Emmeline Pankhurst, and the Charrtists hace in common?
    All sought to extend the voting rights.
  2. After Charles X abdicated, French leaders formed what kind of government?
    a constitutional monarchy
  3. The Congress of Vienna did which of the follosing?
    restored Louis XVIII to the throne
  4. Which of the following represents the correct sequence of French rulers
    Charles X, Louis Phillipe, Louis Napoleon
  5. Which of the following groups of people in Latin America were most likely to be revolutionaries?
  6. Which of the following revolutionaries wanted to unite all of South America into the Federation of the Andes?
    Simon Bolivar
  7. Which of the following countries achieved independence with the least violence and bloodshed?
  8. Both Miguel Hidalgo and Jose maria Morelos were
    executed by Spanish authorities
  9. Who was the first leader of an independent Brazil?
    Pedro I
  10. The territory gained by the United States in 1848 was a result of the-
    Louisiana Purchase.
  11. The Mexican-American war was caused by
    a dispute over Texas
  12. Manifest destiny affected Native Americans by
    forcing them westward into reservations.
  13. The Revolution of 1830 in France replaced Charles X wih
    Louis Phillipe
  14. The Dreyfus affair had a lasting impact because it
    inspired the Zionist movement
  15. Brazilian colonissts achieved their independence from Portugal when
    Prince Pedro declaredd Brazil independent.
  16. Americans went to war with Great Britain in 1812 in part because
    Britain was seizing American sailors.
  17. The Kansas-Nebraska act
    set off a bitter debate between proslavery and antislavery Americans.
  18. antisemitism
    prejudice towards jews
  19. zionism
    movement begun by theodor Herzl thhat called for creation of Jewish state in Palestine
  20. Toussaint L'Overture
    former enslaved African, led group of mulattoes and slaves in bloody revolt against French settlers in Saint domingue
  21. Miguel Hidalgo
    priest known as father of mexican independence
  22. Simo Bolivar
    Venezuelan became known as liberator for key role in liberating Spain's colonies in South America
  23. Louisiana Purchase
    agreement wit France that gave U.S. huge territory in centrol North America
  24. manifest destiny
    belief that Americans had a God-given right to settle land all the way to Pacific Ocean
  25. seceded
    South Carolina and other southern states ____ after Abraham Lincoln elected president
  26. Louis Napoleon
    Napoleon's nephew, second president of second republic in france
  27. dreyfus affair
    trajic example of prejudice toward Jews in France
  28. creoles
    People of Europeon descent who were born in spanish colonies in Latin America
  29. peninsulares
    spanish colonists in latin american born in spain
  30. monroe doctrine
    President james Monroe declared Americas off limits to further European colonization
  31. reconstruction
    after civil ar during ________, some important legislation and amendments passed to protect rights of formerly enslaved people.
  32. 14th amendment
    granted citizenship to all free african americans
  33. libel
    publishing false information
  34. citizen king
    Louis Phillipe
  35. Jose maria Morelos
    strong military leader who fough for mexiccan independence from Spain
  36. Abraham Lincoln
    issued emancipation Proclamation
  37. Slavery Abolition Act
    parliament abolished slavery
  38. indian removal act
    relocated five indian nations to land west of the mississippi River
  39. declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen
    document that inspired recolutionaries in french colonies
  40. Emmeline pankhurst
    used militant direct action tactics to win right to vote for women
  41. Which most accurately describes economy of italy in years after unification
    widespread poverty and unemployment led to violence and emigration
  42. german liberals who revolted in 1848 wanted
    reforms that would promote individual rights
  43. Decisions made by the Congress of Berlin in 1878 resulted in
  44. The russian economy differed from the rest of europe's because it was
    primarily agricultural
  45. russian marxissts wanted to create what form of government in russia
    socialist republic
  46. what goal did giuseppe mazzini, Camillo di Cavourk and Giuuseppe Garibaldi all have in common?
    Unification of italy
  47. Giuseppe garibaldis actions show that he was most committed to
    unification of italy
  48. after Prussian king Frederick Wilhelm iV promised a constitution and reforms
    he went back on many of his promises
  49. who began a program of reforms in Russia
    Alexander II
  50. swhat did Otto von bismarck mean by the phrase blood and iron
    use prussian military force for german unification
  51. nationalism remained a problem under dual monarchy because
    ethnic minorities continued to seek self-government
  52. red shirts
    group led by giuseppe garibaldi because of their colorufl uniforms
  53. zollverein
    economic alliance between German states in 1834
  54. Bismarck
    consercative politician, leading force behind german unification
  55. realpolitik
    philosophy about government that bases policies on practical, rather than idealistic, concerns
  56. Wilhem I
    declared first kaiser of German Empire
  57. pogroms
    violent anti semitic riots
  58. duma
    representative assembly promised by Czar Nicholas II
  59. transiberian railroad
    linked western russia to siberia during 1890s
  60. federalism
    system in which power is shared betweens state and national governments
  61. Alexander II
    czar who freed the serfs
  62. magyars
    hungarian ethnic group
  63. victor emmanuel
    king of sardinia
  64. kulturkampf
    bismark's struggle to limit influence of catholic church in germany
  65. franco-prussian war
    conflict that resulted in unification of germany
  66. autocracy
    government by one ruler with unlimited power
  67. bloody sunday
    event that led to russian revolution of 1905
  68. Vladmir Lenin
    russian marxist revolutionary
  69. young turks
    nationalist group in ottoman empire
  70. Austria-Hungary opposed formation of a "greater Serbia" because
    any Serbian expansion might encourage other ethnic groups to rebel
  71. Which of the following best describes Germany's position for much of the war?
    Gerany faced war on two fronts
  72. Why did both sides in World War I turn to new weapons?
    because trench warfare had led to a stalemate.
  73. Many colonial people volunteered to fight for the Allied forces because they
    hoped their sercive would win their colony's independence.
  74. Czar Nicholas II welcomed World War I because he
    hoped a surge of patriotism would overcome domestic probelms and unite the country around his leadership.
  75. Bolshecik opponents came to be called
    the White Army.
  76. What was the Zimmermann Note?
    a proposal bya German official that Mexico attack the United States in return for territory
  77. Which of the following battles signified a turning point in teh Allied Powers' favor in the war?
    Second battle of the Marne
  78. The partnership formed between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and italy in teh late 1800s was called the
    Triple Alliance
  79. Which series of events led to world War I?
    Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, Russia moved to support Serbia, and gerany declared war on Russia.
  80. France, Russia, and Great Britain made up the
    Triple Entente.
  81. ON which two fronts did Germany fight during World War I.
    Russia to the east and France to the west.
  82. What was the immediate result of trench warfare?
    massive deadlock
  83. Women's participation in World War I consisted primarily of
    assisting on the home front and nursing wounded soldiers
  84. Which best describes conditions in Russia on the eve of World War I?
    Russia was a troubled country, with a worsening economy and an ineffective ruler.
  85. Bolsheviks planned that which of the following groups would lead a revolution and rule Russia?
  86. The Bolsheiks took over the Russian government after
    The Red Guards attacked the probisional government.
  87. Which of the following resulted from the October Revolution in Russia?
    Russia became a communist country.
  88. Whih of the following ountries delared on Germany in 1914 as part of a military agreement with Great Britain?
  89. How did the Zimmerman note affect American neutrality?
    It led to stong public support for U.S. entry into the war.
  90. Allied treaties with the defeated Central Powers acomplished which of the following?
    They broke apart Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire.
  91. Following World War I,
    Europe lost its role as the dominant eonomi region of the world.
  92. The entry of the United States into World War I,
    added hundres of thousands of troops to the Allied cause.
  93. Propaganda
    information designed to influence people's opinions
  94. Gregory Raspitin
    Czarina Alexandra's reliane on him for advie weakened any remaing public support for the Russian monarchy.
  95. lusitania
    british passenger liner german attacked, helped prople the U.S. into the war
  96. imperialism
    quest to build empires and colonize other regions
  97. France
    Germany began the war with quick strike to Beligium and planned on to move to attack ________
  98. neutral
    Belgium was ___________, taking no side in the conflict
  99. Sarajevo
    Where assasination of Archuduke from Austria-Hungary in 1914
  100. western front
    deadlocked region in northern France where German and Allied positions changed little early in the war called the
  101. tanks
    british used then to cross rough battefield terrain
  102. February revolution
    russian revolt forced czar nicholas II to step down.
  103. total war
    society uses all its resources to fight the war
  104. communism
    bolshevism later became known as
  105. armistice
    truce; ended fighting in World war I agreed on Nobember 11, 1918
  106. gavrilo princip
    assasinated archduke of Austria-Hungary in 1914
  107. Schlieffen Plan
    German military plan to fight france, then Russia
  108. Battle of the Somme
    main Allied assault duriing 1916, resulting in enormous loss of troops and no clear winner
  109. Armenian massacre
    forcible removal of people fromo teh caucasus by the ottomans resulting 600,000 deaths
  110. balfour declaration
    supported creation of jewish state in palestine
  111. proletariat
    industrial workers
  112. nicholas II
    last czar of russia
  113. poison gas
    new weapon developed during World War I that was fairly ineffective
  114. no-man's-land
    area between opposing trenches
  115. woodrow wilson
    his vision of world peace was called fourteen points
  116. george clemenceau
    french leader who wanted to punish germany
  117. vittorio orlando
    did not gain territory for his nation during peace talks
  118. Why did Mao Zedong lead the Long march through China?
    to find a safe place for the Chinese Communists
  119. Which of the following supported the goals of the Zionist movement?
    Balfour declaration
  120. Which of the following resulted in the spread and deepening of the Great Depression
    Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act
  121. Which of the following occurred under the new deal
    Government welfare and relief programs were greatly expanded
  122. why did japanese forces attack Manchuria
    gain control of its rich natural resources
  123. japan proposed cration of Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere in 1940 because
    china was too big to conquer and southeasxt asia was also rich in natural resources
  124. How did Joseph Stalin punish ukrainians who resisted collectivization
    withheld all food from the region
  125. stalin wanted to transform soviet union into
    modern industrialized country
  126. sdtalin's approach to communist government differed from Karl Marx's because
    Stalinwanted to increase government's power rather than reduce it.
  127. Who led Great Purge?
    Joseph Stalin
  128. How did President Franklin Delano Roosevelt propose to fight the great Depressioon
    government program known as New deal
  129. Which event caused many Japanese people to questin their government's foreign policy with the West
    United states barred Japanese immigration
  130. nuremberg laws
    defined a person as jewish based on ancestry of grandparents, not religous beliefs.
  131. Mao Zedong
    leader of communists in China
  132. germany
    in post war _____, steep reparations payments led to severe inflation, making mone nearly worthless
  133. anti-commintern pact
    agreement between germany and japan to oppose spread of communism and defend one another in case of attack
  134. kristellnacht
    anti jewish riots across germany and austria encouraged by nazis became known as night of broken glass
  135. egypt
    although many africans demanded indepence from europeon natons, only egypt won independence during interwar years
  136. facisism
    authoritarian form of government that places good of nation above all else
  137. totalitarian
    attempts to control all aspects of political, social, and economic life
  138. ethiopia
    invaded by italian forces in 1935
  139. five year plans
    production goals set by the state
  140. Jiang jeshi
    led nationalist Guomindang party in China
  141. What led Hitler to believe that European powersw would not interfere in his plans for Anschluss?
    lack of direct action to stop his militarization of rhineland
  142. Which of the following began World war II?
    Hitler's attack on Poland
  143. What recent invention allowed british to more effectively defend against german air attacks?
  144. why was the soviet union unprepared for hitler's attack in june 1941
    because soviets had preciousl signed nonaggression pact with Germany
  145. What event led to a decisie shift away from isolationism inn the United States
    attack on Pearl Harbor
  146. Before entering World war II, the United States
    provided military aid to great britain
  147. Control of north africa was ctal for allies because
    they needed to control the suez canal in order to botain oil from the middle east
  148. Siege of leningrad resulted in
    starvation of one million russian civilians
  149. What was the significance of the battle of coral sea?
    first time allies had stopped relentless japanese advance
  150. nazi campain to imprison inferior people included which of the following targets
    jews, homosexuals, disabled people, Poles, slavs, and gypsies
  151. Soviets most likely responded to allieed incasion of western north africa with
    disappointment that allies chose to delay invading europe
  152. hitler's declaration that "surrender is forbidden" to his commanders at the Battle of stalingrad led to
    capture of 90,000 axis survivors and a crushing defeat for hitler
  153. why did american and british forces plan a massive incasion of western europe?
    to open second front and put the axis forces on the defensive
  154. the liberation of paris by allies led hitler to
    order counterattack on belfium
  155. What was the goal of the Yalta Conference?
    reach an agreement on what to do with postwar europe
  156. difficulties allied leaders had in reaching agreemnt at the postsdam conference due to
    growing ill-will between soviet union and other allies
  157. d-day invasion of normandy was launched from
    the United Kingdom
  158. Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill issued the atlantic Charter, a document
    which affirmed nations should choose their governments
  159. for the soviet union, what was the turning point in the war in Europe?
    victory at stalingrad
  160. Which of the following military alliances became known as the axis powers?
    germany, italy, and japan
  161. When Hitelr attacked the Soveit Union in June 1941, he
    breaking the soviet-german nonagression pact
  162. which group was treated most harshly by U.S. government dring World War II?
    Japanese Americans
  163. Before World War II, Hitler's nazi government
    passed restrictive lasws severly limiting the rights of Jews
  164. Hitler's final solution included
    concentration camps, death camps, and Einsatzgruppen
  165. How did hitler respond to successful incasion of france by the allies?
    ordered counterattack in belgium
  166. Roosevelt and Churhills joing declaration proclaiming what they viewed as the purpose of going to war is
    Atlantic charter
  167. churchill
    spoke out against britain's policy of appeasement
  168. blitzkrieg
    german war tactic emphasizing speed and close coordination between plaines in air and fast moving forces on ground
  169. d-day
    june 6, 1944 allied forces invaded france
  170. v-j day
    japanese emperor surrendered on august 15, 1945
  171. Harry Truman
    became president after death of Franklin Roosevelt in May 1945
  172. bataan death march
    caused death of 600 americans and as many as 10,000 filipino prisoners
  173. battle of el alemein
    severely weakened axis powers in north africa
  174. holocaust
    genocidal campaign against jews
  175. erwin rommel
    led axis forces in north africa
  176. czechoslavakia
    left to defend itself alone due to policy of appeasement
  177. battle of okinawa
    fought to establish american base close to major islands of japan
  178. annexatin
    hitler demanded austrian officials accept this
  179. einsatzgruppen
    mobile killing units that executed jews on a massive scale
  180. auschwitz
    huge death camp
  181. V-E day
    celebrated Germany's surrender
  182. United nations
    formed to encourage international cooperation and precent war
  183. battle of midway
    diminished japanese advantage of the seas
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