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  1. rut
    • Noun:A long deep track made by the repeated passage of the wheels of vehicles.An
    • annual period of sexual activity in deer and some other mammals, during
    • which the males fight each other for access to the females.
    • Verb:Engage in such activity: "a rutting stag".
    • Synonyms:groove - furrow - track - routine
  2. stomp
    • Verb:Tread heavily and noisily, typically in order to show anger.
    • Noun:(in jazz or popular music) A tune or song with a fast tempo and a heavy beat.
    • Synonyms:stamp - trample
  3. tread
    • Verb:Walk in a specified way.
    • Noun:A manner or the sound of someone walking.
    • Synonyms:verb. step - walk - tramplenoun. step - pace - gait - footstep - walk - footfall
  4. clench
    • Verb:(with reference to the fingers or hand) Close into a tight ball, esp. when feeling extreme anger: "she clenched her fists".
    • Noun:A contraction or tightening of part of the body.
    • Synonyms:clinch - grip - clasp - constrict
  5. meddlesome
    • Adjective:Interfering.
    • Synonyms:officious - obtrusive - importunate - intrusive
  6. strangle
    • Verb:Squeeze or constrict the neck of (a person or animal), esp. so as to cause death: "the victim was strangled with a scarf".Sounding as though the speaker's throat is constricted: "a series of strangled gasps".
    • Synonyms:choke - throttle - suffocate - stifle - smother
  7. crooner
    Web definitions:a singer of popular ballads.
  8. strum
    • 1. To play (a stringed musical instrument) by stroking or brushing the strings: strum a banjo.
    • 2. To play (music) on a stringed instrument in this way: strum chords on a guitar.v.intr.
    • To play a stringed instrument by strumming.n. The act or sound of strumming.
  9. snitch
    • Verb:Steal.
    • Noun:An informer.
    • Synonyms:verb. filch - steal - pilfer - sneak - swipe - denouncenoun. nose - informer - conk - boko
  10. butchering
    • Verb:Slaughter or cut up (an animal) for food: "the meat will be butchered".
    • Kill (someone) brutally.
  11. throaty
    • Adjective:(of a sound such as a person's voice or the noise of an engine) Deep and rasping: "rich, throaty laughter".
    • Synonyms:guttural - hoarse - husky - raucous
  12. yearn
    • Verb:Have an intense feeling of loss or lack and longing for something.Be filled with compassion or warm feeling.
    • Synonyms:long - pine - hanker - crave - aspire - desire - languish
  13. hombre
    Western US a slang word for man
  14. wrathful
    • Adjective:Full of or characterized by intense anger.
    • Synonyms:angry - irate - furious - wroth - ireful
  15. rasp
    • Noun:A
    • coarse file or similar metal tool with a roughened surface for
    • scraping, filing, or rubbing down objects of metal, wood, or other
    • hard...
    • Verb:Scrape (something) with a rasp in order to make it smoother.
    • Synonyms:noun.  file - graterverb.  scrape - grate
  16. skeedaddle
    • Verb:Depart quickly or hurriedly; run away.
    • Noun:A hurried departure or flight.
  17. desolate
    • Adjective:(of a place) Deserted of people and in a state of bleak and dismal emptiness.
    • Verb:Make (a place) bleakly and depressingly empty or bare.
    • Synonyms:adjective.  forlorn - lonely - solitary - desert - desertedverb.  devastate - ravage
  18. knack
    • Noun:An acquired or natural skill at performing a task: "she got the knack of it in the end".A tendency to do something.
    • Synonyms:skill - ability - dexterity - art - cleverness - trick
  19. crotch
    • Noun:The part of the human body between the legs where they join the torso.The part of a garment that passes between the legs.
    • Synonyms:fork - pitchfork - groin
  20. taut
    • Adjective:Stretched or pulled tight; not slack: "the fabric stays taut without adhesive".(esp. of muscles or nerves) Tense; not relaxed.
    • Synonyms:tight - tense - strained
  21. amble
    • Verb:Walk or move at a slow, relaxed pace.
    • Noun:A walk at a slow, relaxed pace, esp. for pleasure.
  22. churn
    • Noun:A machine or container in which butter is made by agitating milk or cream.
    • Verb:Agitate or turn (milk or cream) in a machine in order to produce butter.
    • Synonyms:stir
  23. traipsing
    Verb:Walk or move wearily or reluctantly.Walk about casually or needlessly.
  24. hominid
    Noun:A primate of a family (Hominidae) that includes humans and their fossil ancestors.
  25. loping
    Verb:Run or move with a long bounding stride: "the dog was loping along by his side".
  26. bashful
    Adjective:Reluctant to draw attention to oneself; shy.
  27. vagabond
    Noun:A person who wanders from place to place without a home or job.
  28. molten
    • Adjective:(esp. of materials with a high melting point, such as metal and glass) Liquefied by heat.
    • Synonyms:melted
  29. billowy
    characterized by great swelling waves or surges; "billowy storm clouds"; "the restless billowing sea"; "surging...
  30. glint
    • Verb:Give out or reflect small flashes of light: "her glasses were glinting".
    • Noun:A small flash of light, esp. as reflected from a shiny surface.
    • Synonyms:verb.  glisten - sparkle - gleam - glitter - shimmernoun.  gleam - flash - glitter - glimmer - twinkle - lustre
  31. chomp
    • Verb:Munch or chew vigorously and noisily.
    • Noun:A chewing noise or action.
  32. conk
    • informal term for the nose
    • come to a stop
    • hit, especially on the head;
    • pass from physical life
    • pass out from weakness, physical or emotional distress due to a loss of blood supply to the brain
  33. barge
    • Noun:A long flat-bottomed boat for carrying freight, typically on canals and rivers, either under its own power or towed by another.
    • Verb:Move forcefully or roughly: "we can't just barge into a private garden".
    • Synonyms:lighter - scow
  34. gurgle
    • Verb:Make a hollow bubbling sound like that made by water running out of a bottle.
    • Noun:A gurgling sound.
    • Synonyms:verb. bubble - purl - babble - murmur - gugglenoun. purl - ripple - guggle
  35. Cuneiform
  36. gully
    • Noun:A water-worn ravine.
    • Verb:Erode gullies into (land) by water action.
    • Synonyms:ravine - gulch - gorge - gutter - drain - ditch - channel
  37. ravine
    • Noun:A deep, narrow gorge with steep sides.
    • Synonyms:gorge - gully - gulch
  38. hapless
    • Adjective:(esp. of a person) Unfortunate.
    • Synonyms:unfortunate - unlucky - ill-fated - unhappy - wretched
  39. veer
    • Verb:Change direction suddenly: "an oil tanker that had veered off course".Slacken or let out (a rope or cable) in a controlled way.
    • Noun:A sudden change of direction.
    • Synonyms:verb. turnnoun. turn
  40. complacency
    the feeling you have when you are satisfied with yourself; "his complacency was absolutely disgusting".
  41. gruel
    • Noun:A thin liquid food of oatmeal or other meal boiled in milk or water.
    • Synonyms:porridge - mush
  42. shabby
    • Adjective:In poor condition through long use or lack of care.Dressed in old or worn clothes.
    • Synonyms:mean - threadbare - seedy - ragged
  43. sash
    • Noun:A long strip or loop of cloth worn over one shoulder or around the waist.A frame holding the glass in a window, typically one of two sliding frames.
    • Synonyms:girdle - belt - waistband - scarf
  44. cinch
    • Noun:An extremely easy task.
    • Verb:Secure (a garment) with a belt.
    • Synonyms:girth
  45. yodel
    петь йодлем
  46. squint
    • Verb:Look
    • at someone or something with one or both eyes partly closed in an
    • attempt to see more clearly or as a reaction to strong light.
    • Noun:A permanent deviation in the direction of the gaze of one eye: "I had a bad squint".
    • Synonyms:strabismus
  47. quiver
    • Verb:Tremble or shake with a slight rapid motion.
    • Noun:A slight trembling movement or sound, esp. one caused by a sudden strong emotion: "a quiver of fear".An archer's case for holding arrows.
    • Synonyms:verb.  tremble - shiver - quake - shake - shudder - vibratenoun.  tremor - tremble - shiver - thrill - trembling - shudder
  48. wreak
    • Verb:Cause (a large amount of damage or harm): "torrential rainstorms wreaked havoc yesterday".Inflict (vengeance): "he was determined to wreak his revenge on them".
    • Synonyms:vent - revenge
  49. ghastly
    • Adjective:Causing great horror or fear; frightful or macabre.Objectionable; unpleasant: "ghastly old-fashioned dresses".
    • Synonyms:terrible - horrible - awful - dreadful - grisly - lurid
  50. dementia
    • Noun:A
    • chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain
    • disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality...
    • Synonyms:madness - lunacy - insanity
  51. lair
    • Noun:A wild animal's resting place, esp. one that is well hidden.A secret or private place.
    • Synonyms:den - burrow - nest - hole - haunt - earth - cave
  52. complacent
    • Adjective:Showing smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements.
    • Synonyms:self-satisfied - smug - pleased - contented - satisfied
  53. jounce
    • Verb:Jolt or bounce.
    • Synonyms:jolt - shake
  54. loll
    • Sit, lie, or stand in a lazy, relaxed way: "the two girls lolled in their chairs".
    • Hang loosely; droop: "he slumped against a tree trunk, his head lolling back".
  55. stomp
    • Verb:
    • Tread heavily and noisily, typically in order to show anger.
    • Noun: (in jazz or popular music) A tune or song with a fast tempo and a heavy beat.
  56. shriek
    • Verb:
    • Utter a high-pitched piercing sound or words, esp. as an expression of terror, pain, or excitement.
    • Noun: A high-pitched piercing cry or sound; a scream.
    • Synonyms: verb. scream - screech - squall - yell - squeal - shout - bawl
    • noun. scream - screech - yell - cry - squeal - shout - squall
  57. stallion
    • Noun:An uncastrated adult male horse.
    • Synonyms: stud
  58. loony
    Noun: A crazy or silly person; a lunatic.
  59. pinole
    A sweetened flour made from ground dried corn mixed with flour made of mesquite beans, sugar, and spices.
  60. cauldron
    • A large metal pot with a lid and handle, used for cooking over an open fire.
    • A situation characterized by instability and strong emotions.
  61. inflection
    • A change in the form of a word (typically the ending) to express a grammatical function or attribute such as tense, mood, person,...
    • The process or practice of inflecting words.
  62. starch
  63. twitch
    • dergat'
    • Give or cause to give a short, sudden jerking or convulsive movement.
  64. scrabble
    • zarapat
    • Scratch or grope around with one's fingers to find, collect, or hold on to something.
  65. teeter
    • Move or balance unsteadily; sway back and forth.
    • Be unable to decide between different courses; waver: "she teetered between tears and anger".
  66. decoy
    • Noun: A bird or mammal, or an imitation of one, used by hunters to attract other birds or mammals: "a decoy duck".
    • Verb: Lure or entice (a person or animal) away from an intended course, typically into a trap.
  67. twinge
    A sudden, sharp localized pain.
  68. peyote
    A small, soft, blue-green, spineless cactus (Lophophora williamsii), native to Mexico and the southern US.
  69. wedge
  70. zing
    Energy, enthusiasm, or liveliness.
  71. hitch
    • Move (something) into a different position with a jerk: "he hitched his pants up".
    • Noun: A temporary interruption or problem.
  72. grumpy
    • Adjective:Bad-tempered and sulky.
    • Synonyms:peevish - ill-tempered
  73. bolt
    • Noun:A metal pin or bar, in particular.A roll of fabric, originally as a measure.
    • Verb:Fasten (something) with a metal pin or bar, in particular.(of a horse or other animal) Run away suddenly out of control: "the horses bolted".Pass (flour, powder, or other material) through a sieve.
    • Synonyms:latch - bar
  74. ramshackle
    • Adjective:(esp. of a house or vehicle) In a state of severe disrepair.
    • Synonyms:dilapidated - decrepit - rickety
  75. meander
    • Verb:(of a river or road) Follow a winding course.
    • Noun:A winding curve or bend of a river or road: "the river flows in sweeping meanders".
    • Synonyms:verb.  wind - twist - wander - coil - ramble - snake - roamnoun.  winding - bend
  76. sliver
    • Noun:A small, thin, narrow piece of something cut or split off a larger piece.
    • Verb:Cut or break (something) into small, thin, narrow pieces.
    • Synonyms:noun.  splinter - chip - shiververb.  split - splinter
  77. tang
    • Noun:A strong taste, flavor, or smell.A tanging sound.A
    • surgeonfish (genus Acanthurus) that occurs around reefs and rocky
    • areas, where it browses on algae. Its several species include the...
    • Verb:Make a loud ringing or clanging sound.
    • Synonyms:clang - tinkle - clink - ring
  78. limey
    Noun:offensive. A British person.
  79. swig
    • Verb:Drink in large gulps: "Dave swigged the wine".
    • Noun:A large draft of drink: "he took a swig of tea".
    • Synonyms:gulp - swallow - draught - drink - sip - pull - nip
  80. indomitable
    • Adjective:Impossible to subdue or defeat: "indomitable spirit".
    • Synonyms:invincible - tameless
  81. scum
    • Noun:A layer of dirt or froth on the surface of a liquid.
    • Verb:(of a liquid) Become covered with a layer of dirt or froth: "the lagoon scummed over".
    • Synonyms:noun.  froth - foam - spume - latherverb.  foam - froth - skim - spume
  82. slime
    • Noun:A moist, soft, and slippery substance.
    • Verb:Cover with slime: "the grass was slimed over with mud".
    • Synonyms:mud - ooze - sludge - silt - mire - mucus
  83. gooey
    • Adjective:Soft and sticky.Mawkishly sentimental.
    • Synonyms:sticky - gummy - gluey - viscous - tacky - adhesive
  84. mincing
    • Verb:Cut up or grind (food, esp. meat) into very small pieces, typically in a machine with revolving blades.
    • Walk with an affected fastidiousness, typically with short quick steps.
  85. frisky
    • Adjective:Playful and full of energy: "he bounds about like a frisky pup".
    • Synonyms:frolicsome - playful - sportive - kittenish - sprightly
  86. crevice
    • Noun:A narrow opening or fissure, esp. in a rock or wall.
    • Synonyms:fissure - cleft - crack - chink - rift - split - cranny
  87. gnarly
    • Adjective:Gnarled.Difficult, dangerous, or challenging.
    • Synonyms:gnarled - snaggy - knotty - knaggy - knobby
  88. rin·ky-dink
    • 1. Old-fashioned; worn-out.
    • 2. Insignificant; unimportant.
    • 3. Of cheap or poor quality; makeshift.
  89. roust
    • Verb:Cause to get up or start moving; rouse: "I rousted him out of his bed".
    • Treat roughly; harass.
  90. yonder
    • Adverb:At some distance in the direction indicated; over there.
    • Adjective:That or those (used to refer to something situated at a distance).
    • Noun:The far distance.
    • Synonyms:adverb.  there - yon - over there - thitheradjective.  yonnoun.  yon
  91. reconnoiter
  92. brazen
    • бесстыжий
    • бронзовый
  93. shrill
  94. screech
  95. lair
  96. lick
    • лизать
    • колотить
  97. chug
    • Verb:Emit a series of regular muffled explosive sounds, as of an engine running slowly.Consume (a drink) in large gulps without pausing.
    • Noun:A muffled explosive sound or a series of such sounds.
    • Synonyms:verb.  pant - puffnoun.  puff
  98. gripe
    • колики
    • тиски
    • жалоба
    • власть
  99. calliope
    • Noun:A
    • keyboard instrument resembling an organ but with the notes produced by
    • steam whistles, used chiefly on showboats and in traveling fairs.
  100. tantalize
    • Verb:Torment or tease (someone) with the sight or promise of something unobtainable.Excite the senses or desires of (someone).
    • Synonyms:torment - torture - plague - agonize - tease
  101. mound
  102. lope
  103. hare
  104. delirious
  105. snarl
  106. squirt
    • шприц
    • струя
    • наглец
  107. futz
    • Verb:Waste time; idle or busy oneself aimlessly: "mother futzed around in the kitchen".
    • Deal with (something) in a trifling way; fiddle with.
  108. abominable
  109. clang
  110. warble
  111. scrunch
  112. cauldron
    • Noun:A large metal pot with a lid and handle, used for cooking over an open fire.A situation characterized by instability and strong emotions.
    • Synonyms:caldron - kettle - boiler - pot - copper
  113. nonchalant
  114. vagabond
    • Noun:A person who wanders from place to place without a home or job.
    • Adjective:Having no settled home.
    • Verb:Wander about as or like a vagabond.
    • Synonyms:noun.  vagrant - tramp - hobo - wanderer - bum - landloper
    • adjective.  vagrant - wandering - nomadicverb.  tramp - rove - wander - ramble
  115. rickety
    • Adjective:(of a structure or piece of equipment) Poorly made and likely to collapse.(of a person) Suffering from rickets.
    • Synonyms:shaky - rachitic - wobbly - wonky - ramshackle
  116. squint
    косоглазие, щуриться
  117. scowl
    • Noun:An angry or bad-tempered expression.
    • Verb:Frown in an angry or bad-tempered way.
    • Synonyms:noun.  frownverb.  frown - lour - lower - glower
  118. stammer
    • Verb:Speak with sudden involuntary pauses and a tendency to repeat the initial letters of words.
    • Noun:A tendency to stammer.
    • Synonyms:verb.  stutter - falter - hesitatenoun.  stutter - stammering
  119. jitterbug
    fast dance or crazy person

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