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GCSE Geography
2012-05-27 04:52:55
glaciation Rhone Glacier case study

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  1. where is the Rhone Glacier
    It is in the Swiss Alps (near the town of Gletsch in Switzerland) and is the source of the Rhone river , which flows to Lake Geneva and beyond
  2. what are the causes of the glacier's retreat
    • average global temperatures have risen by 1°C in the last 200 years this causes the glacier to melt
    • the amount of snow falling has fallen significantly recently which means the rate of ablation exceeds the amount of accumulation
  3. what is the evidence of glacial retreat
    • the snout of the glacier is further upvalley
    • terminal and recessional moraine are present in the valley
    • the land in front of the glacier has been smoothened by plucking and also striations are present
    • the glacier's mass has decreased ; not just the retreat of the snout but also its depth and width are less , meaning the sides of the valley are exposed
  4. the Rhone Glacier has retreated ........ metres since ......
    • 1200
    • 1880
  5. the retreat in ...... alones was nearly ..... metres
    • 2006
    • 8
  6. the depth of the Rhone Glacier has decreased by ..... metres since ...........
    • 43
    • 1880