GCSE Geography

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  1. tourism is :
    everything to do with tourists including the activities they take part in and the services they take part in
  2. a tourist is :
    a person who stays for more than a day in a place that is not his/her usual environment for any purpose
  3. a day tripper is :
    a person who stays for less than a day in a place that is not his/her usual environment , for any purpose
  4. tourism is oen of the :
    worlds greatest growth industries
  5. whatis the evidence for tourism being one of the worlds greatest growth industries
    • global tourist numbers have been continuallt rising since 1950
    • in 1950 global tourist numbers were about 20 million , now global tourist numbers are over 900 million and still rising
    • adverse events such as terrorism have only tended to check rates of growth rather than reduce total numbers
  6. the three main reasons for tourist growth are
    • economic
    • lesiure time
    • better infrastructure
  7. what are the economic reasons for a global increase in tourism
    • the majority of people living in the rich parts of the world have spare money after paying for life essentials
    • rich people usually choose to spend their money on holidays , weekends away or days out
  8. what are the lesiure reasons for a global increase in tourism
    • people in rich countries have more lesiure time , paid holidays are a minimum of 4 weeks a year for every worker
    • most people work 5 days a week for up to 40 hours , leaving two days a week for time off
    • going away on the annual holiday is socially acceptable ; for many families it is a necessity and is included in the annual family budget
  9. what are the better infrastructure reasons for a global increase in tourism
    • increasing car ownership imporved family mobility
    • for travel to other countries the jet aircraft was a significant technological advance
    • most places in the world can now be reached within 24 hours
    • booking holidays are vey easy
  10. tourism has a ...... effect
  11. the multiplier effect means that
    the initial input of tourists' money into the economy is multiplied several times as it spins off to different branches of the tourist tree
  12. thre tourist tree shows the
    multiplier effect . If you take away the tourists , the multiplier effect will not work and that will mean the country will have less to spend
  13. tourism has an influence in the following industries
    • government tax
    • infrastructure and services
    • transport
    • accomodation
    • entertainment
    • food and drink
    • shopping
    • emergancy services
    • moeny exchange
    • medical
    • banks
  14. Tourism not only creates jobs in the tertiary sector, it also encourages growth in the primary and secondary sectors of industry. This is known as the
    multiplier effect which in its simplest form is how many times money spent by a tourist circulates through a country's economy
  15. Money spent in a hotel helps to create jobs directly in the hotel, but it also
    creates jobs indirectly elsewhere in the economy
  16. Money spent in a hotel helps to create jobs directly in the hotel, but it also creates jobs indirectly elsewhere in the economy . The hotel for example ,
    buy food from local farmers, who may spend some of this money on fertiliser or clothes. The demand for local products increases as tourists often buy souvenirs, which increases secondary employment.
  17. New hotels may be set up ....... ....... ...... ..... . Other companies are attracted to the area . ...... ..... are ....... .... . Worker spend their income in the local area , ...... ........ ..... . Taxes spent on ...... ..... ...... .... ..... .... . The area becomes a popular tourist destination ......... ........ .... ...... ... ......-.......
    • local buisness suply services
    • new jobs are created indirectly
    • tax revenues increase
    • improving infracstructure , image and tourist service
    • increasing profability and revenue for re-investment
  18. so what are the places that UK people choose to visit for their holidays ? obviously , every person is different and has their own prefernce but it is easy to identify 3 main categories
    • costal areas
    • mountians
    • cities
  19. the basic attractions for coastal areas are
    • the tree S's
    • sun
    • sea
    • sand
  20. UK coastal resorts have
    sand and sea but not guaranteed sun
  21. the top 10 tourist destination in 2008 were
    • France
    • Spain
    • USA
    • China
    • Italy
    • UK
    • Germany
    • Ukraine
    • Turkey
    • Mexico
  22. key geographical feature that attracts people to coastal areas is the
  23. popular winter beach holidays include
    • Caribbean
    • Indian Ocean
    • Asia
  24. UK people began to go on holidays to to beaches around the .......... in 1970 because of character flights and package holidays especially to ......
    • Mediterranean
    • Spain
  25. Basic mountian attractions include
    snow sceenery
  26. key geographical factors that attract people to the mountians include
    the climate and relief
  27. good Mountian destinations include
    • Alps
    • rockies of the USA and Canada
  28. there are many basic attractions that attract people to cities but they are mostly ....... factors
  29. key geographical factor that attracts people to the cities is
    humans and their creations
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