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  1. Sinoatrial node
    SA nodepacemaker of heart that fires at 60 - 100 bpmif it's not working well the ventricles (60 - 40 bpm) and AV node (40 - 20 bpm) take over
  2. cardiac cycle
    begninning of one heartbeat to the beginning of the next
  3. atrial systole
    atrial contraction propels blood into the ventricles
  4. ventricular systole
    ventricles contract and push blood into the arteries
  5. Electrocardiogram
    provides different views of the heart12 leads provides 12 views
  6. isoelectric line
    • "flat line"
    • no positive or negative wave defelctions
  7. p wave
    represents atrial depolarization
  8. PR interval
    time it takes the electrical impulse to travel from the sa node to teh av node
  9. QRS complex
    represents ventricular depolarization
  10. QRS interval
    time it takes for the electrical impulse to travel from the AV node through the ventricles
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