S3M1 pharm2

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  1. M1
    • muscarinic (excitatory)
    • Gq coulped
    • inc PLC==> inc IP3/DAG
    • close K channels
  2. M2
    • muscarinic (inhibitory)
    • Gi coupled
    • dec cAMP
    • open K channels
    • * NE release(SNS), ACh release(PNS), heart
  3. M3
    • muscarinic (excitatory)
    • Gq coupled
    • inc PLC==> inc IP3/DAG
    • *arteiole dilation, bronchiole contraction/secretion, GIT, pancreas, eye, sweat glands
  4. hemicholinium
    blocks choline uptake into presynaptic terminal, inhibiting ACh synth
  5. Vesamicol
    prevents ACh storage in presynaptic terminal
  6. Botulinus toxin
    blocks ACh release from presynaptic terminal
  7. Latrotoxin
    causes explosive ACh release from presynaptic terminal
  8. Physostigmine
    inhibits ACh metabolism in presynaptic terminal
  9. Muscarine
    activates postsynaptic muscarinic receptors
  10. Atropine
    block postsynaptic muscarinic receptors
  11. Nicotine
    activates postsynaptic nicotinic receptors
  12. Mecamylamine and Tubocaine
    • mecamylamine- Nn receptor blockade (post synaptic)
    • tubocaine- Nm receptor blockade (post)
  13. homocanillic acid
    final metabolite of Epi, NE and DA metabolism
  14. alpha-1
    • vascular SM(constrict), visceral SM(sphicters), radial muscle of iris, CNS
    • excitatory- Gq coupled
    • inc PLC==> inc IP3/DAG
    • inc PLA2==> inc eicosanoid syn
    • Epi activates, Prazosin blocks
  15. alpha 2
    • some presynaptic terminals, beta islet cells(dec insulin secretion), platelets, ciliary epithelium, SM, CNS
    • inhibitory
    • Epi activates, Yohimbine blocks
  16. beta 1
    • myocardium, JG cells, some presynaptic neurons, adipocytes and CNS
    • excitatory or inhibitors
    • inc cAMP, open voltage gated Ca channels
    • Dobutamine activates, Metoprolol blocks
  17. beta 2
    • visceral SM, vascular SM, liver myocardium, SkM, CNS
    • Gs couples
    • inc cAMP
    • Albuterol activates, Butoxamine blocks
  18. beta 3
    • adipocytes
    • Gs couples
    • inc cAMP
  19. D-1
    • vascular SM (renal and mesenteric vascular beds), CNS
    • Gs coupled
    • inc cAMP
  20. D2
    • CNS
    • Gi- open ligand gated K channels
    • Go- block voltage gated Ca channels
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