Mental Health

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  1. Name some of the consequences of unrecognised mental health issues?
    • Decrease individuals quality of life. Also their relatives
    • Physical recovery hindered
    • Unnecessary biomedical approach to a non physical illness
    • Increased cost to the health service provider
    • Delayed return to work causing possible financial strain
    • Social Isolation
    • Symptoms worsen due to undiagnosis
    • Risk of suicide increase
  2. What is mental health?
    Psychological, emotional and behavioural wellbeing. The ability to form positive relationships; reach ones potential; deal with everyday hurdles.
  3. How does MH impact a person?
    It affects how a person feels, thinks and behaves
  4. What are the engagement principles?
    • Engage
    • Validate
    • Active listening
  5. Why is the Biopsychological Model of Healthcare considered Holistic?
    The biopsychological method is based on the Biological & Psychological and social / vocational aspects of an individuals life. So if an individual was using drugs this is considered a risk factor if the drug use is decreased then is becomes a protective factor. For each area there is a negative influence that can be countered by a positive action.
  6. Fill in the blanks. Name Eriksons 8 stages of life?
    Trust V
    Autonomy V
    Initiative V
    Industry V
    Identity V
    Intimacy V
    Generavity V
    Integrity V
    • Mistrust
    • Shame and doubt
    • Guilt
    • Inferiority
    • Role confusion
    • Isolation
    • Stagnation
    • Despair
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Mental Health
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