GCSE Geography

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  1. What is the Capital of Bangladesh
    what is the population of the capital
    • Dhaka
    • 15 million
  2. is Bangladesh and LEDC or MEDC
  3. when were the floods
    July-September 2004
  4. what is the population of Bangladesh
    165 million
  5. .........% of the country floods every year
  6. Bangladesh is ..... .. and ..... , most of the country is ...... above sea level , it is susceptibel to river and sea flooding
    • low lying
    • flat
    • 10
  7. where is Bangladesh
    It is in Asia and is located on the delta of the Ganges , Meghna , Brahmaputra + Jamuna rivers
  8. what was the short term mangament for the Bangladesh floods
    • united nations supplied critical emergancy supplies
    • emergancy shelters were opened
    • emergancy relief of rice , clothing , medicen and blankets was given
  9. what were the long term management statergies for the Bangladesh floods
    • warning systems were put in place
    • there were loans from the world bank to pay for repairs for infrastructure , water resourcse management and education
  10. what are the future management statergies for the floods
    they are hoping to improve water resources , flood management and disaster preparing . Theu also want flood resistant designs to be used on infrastructure projects
  11. what happens when global warming causes the sea levels to rise
    this floods low lying coastal areas but also higher sea level restricts river flow this leads to more flooding on the flood plain land
  12. what were the economic consequences of the floods
    • $2.2 billion worth of damage
    • road and rail liks to Dhaka were severly damaged , which would need to be fixed or replaced
    • 3,000,000 acres of land destroyed so they had to buy in food
  13. what were the social effects of the floods
    • 36 million were made homeless
    • 20 million families needed emergancy relief
    • 21,000 livestock killed
  14. what were the environmental effects of the floods
    • river bank erosion
    • soil erosion water logging
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