GCSE Geography

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  1. where is Blackpool
    In Lancashire in North West England
  2. why was Blackpool so succesful in Victorian times
    • more people had more holidays and free time
    • Railways were built linking Blackpool with big Cities such as Manchester so it was easy acess for people
    • Natural advantage of its location : sea front (beaches , promenade , views) attracted people
    • it also had big hotels and the Black pool tower
  3. Blackpool suffered from beach and :
    sea water pollution and beach erosion during winter storms
  4. between 1990 and 1999 ..... hotels ceased trading ...... holiday flat premises closed and average hotel occupancy rates fell as low as ....%
    • 1000
    • 300
    • 25
  5. families visiting Blackpool were frightened off by the ...... .....culture of stag nights and hen parties
    binge drinking
  6. statistics from the 1990's show that visitor numbers dropped from
    17m to 11m
  7. the 1960's saw the growth of cheap
    holidays abroad with guaranteed sunshine
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