GCSE Geography

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  1. Beaches were
    cleaned up and improved
  2. new attractions developed such as the
    roller coaster Pepsi Max Big One in 1994 it cost £12m
  3. there are plans to make more covered
    walkways between the main visitor attractions and around shops
  4. Blackpool put in a bid to house the
    new super casion
  5. they pulled down
    old buildings and landscaped car parks
  6. the balckpool ....... were transformed this cost .......
    • illuminations
    • £10m
  7. ...... and ..... were promoted
    • conferences
    • festivals
  8. sand extraction further
    South of Blackpool was reduced
  9. was Blackpools rejuvination a sucess
    • it still has high rates of unemployment
    • it still has areas of deprivation
    • the government awarded the super casino to Manchester
    • the labour party desereted Blackpool for Manchester in the 2008 conference
    • even still average occupancy rates in Blackpool holiday accomodation remain below 25%
    • Blackpool rely on day trippers and competition for day trippers is increasing
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