GCSE Geography

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  1. Local people may not be able to
    afford the new facilities put in place for tourists
  2. Lower and middle income customers are
    the target market , this type of tourism does not appeal to the wealthier groups of people
  3. Most of the moeny goes to big companies not to local people . Only ....... of the money reaches Kenya from traditional tourism because the :
    • 15%
    • hotel is from another country and all the high pay staff are foreign . This is called leakage of income
  4. Many jobs in tourism are
    seasonal , poorly paid , low status and and unskilled : high earning jobs such as those of guides with language skills , often go to outsiders
  5. leakage of income in Maisi Mara Park where a survey revealed less than ....% of the money made from the Park benifited local people
  6. In 2002 a car bomb attack outside of Mombassa hotel that killed 13 people resulted in the loss of tourist income calculated at
    $1 million per day in early 2003
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