GCSE Geography

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  1. The Kenya Tourism master plan emphasizes the need to
    • diversify the tourists product range , by opening up new avenues of tourism , such as adventure activities on rivers and lakes
    • acheive a better distribution of tourist activities throughout the country to reduce environmental pressure on tourist hot spots
  2. on the reefs of Mombassa , boats drop their anchors into the coral and some tourists take pieces of coral away as souvenirs . Floating patoons have
    been placed in popular diving spots for boats to hook onto and patrols have been increased and boat owners are being given better education
  3. under a new programme in 2007 , the Kenya tourist board aims to
    curb tourist numbers in over visited parks like the Maisa Mara while at the same time increasing income by more thab doubling park entry fees .
  4. In the future emphasis is going to be on
    quality not quantity
  5. there are also big hopes for
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