GCSE Geography

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  1. ecotourism
    tourism which involves protecting the environment and they way of life of the local people
  2. responsible tourism
    tourism that is environmentally sound , socially sound and sustainable
  3. sustainable
    looks after the needs of todays tourists without damaging the needs of future generations
  4. where is Ecuador
    it is on the north west coast of South America
  5. what are Ecuador's bordering countries
    • Colombia
    • Peru
  6. Ecuador is on the
  7. ecotourism in Ecaudor involves tourists experiencing
    jungle life and eating local food
  8. tourists can stay in Lodges such as the
    Kapwi Ecolodge or the Sacha lodge
  9. tourists are shown around by
    native indian tour guides whi have a keen eyesight to spot and point out wildlife
  10. what are ecolodges
    they are a safari style collection of wooden chalets . The Achuar granted the owners permission to build here in return for good rent and an agreement to train them to take over the running and managment by 2011
  11. who runs ecotourism
    the tribes run the tourism scheme and it is direct tourism . For example the Achuar people run the Kapwi Ecolodge
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