Section one Honors US review

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  1. Thomas Jefferson
    Republican,state gov’t power, 1st Sec of State under Washington, Louisiana Purchase
  2. James Monroe
    – Era of GoodFeelings, Nationalism, MonroeDoctrine
  3. Andrew Jackson
    spoils system, common man, Jacksonian Democracy, Indian Removal, pet banks
  4. Alexander
    – Sec of Treasury, Economic Plan, Federalist (strongcentral gov’t), MONEY
  5. Henry Clay
    – “GreatCompromiser”, Speaker of House, Sec of State, Missouri Compromise, Compromise of 1850
  6. Charles Finney;
    – preacher duringGreat Awakening
  7. William Lloyd
    Garrison –
    abolition, “The Liberator” newspaper
  8. Nat Turner
    Led a slave revolt
  9. Elizabeth Cady
    Stanton/Lucretia Mott
    – Women’s rights convention, Senaca Falls NY
  10. Sarah &
    Angelina Grimke
    – abolitionists, Appea lto the Christian Women of the South
  11. Excise Tax
    – tax on oneproduct, whiskey
  12. Whiskey
    – protesting excise tax, showed power of national gov’t to enforcelaws
  13. Federalists
    – more power tofederal gov’t (Hamilton)
  14. Democratic-Republicans
    – more power tostate gov’t (Jefferson)
  15. XYZ Affair
    – Adams sent ambassadors to Fr, but were refusedrecognition, Feds want war
  16. Impressment
    – Britishpractice of capturing ships and forcing men to fight in their navy
  17. Whigs
    – ant-Jacksonparty, pro-business, transportation, tariffs, Henry Clay
  18. Alien and
    Sedition Acts
    – keeping Federalists in power, tougher immigrationlaws, can’t criticize gov’t
  19. Marbury v.
    – Judicial Review, Supreme Court can declare lawunconst’nal
  20. Gibbons v. Ogden
    – Fed gov’tcontrols anything that crosses state lines
  21. McCulloch v. Maryland
    – national bankis const’nal, states cannot nullify fed. Law
  22. Monroe Doctrine
    – Europe must stay out of Western Hemisphere
  23. Adams-OnisTreaty
    – Spaincedes FL. to US
  24. Worchester v. Georgia
    – state cannot take Indian land,Jackson doesnot enforce
  25. Horace Mann
    public education reform
  26. Lyon
    established schools for women
  27. War of 1812
    War with britain over impressment. Resolved by treaty of ghent.
  28. Hamilton’s
    Economic Plan
    • ·Bonds to wealthy to pay national debt
    • ·Nation absorbs (takes care of) state debts
    • ·Excise tax on whiskey
    • ·Protective Tariff
    • ·National Bank to handle money
    • ·Helps North and hurts South, capital moved to DC to make South happy
  29. Bank
    Crisis/Recession of 1837
    – pet banks of Jackson, too much money (inflation), must usegold/silver to buy land, run on banks, depression, unemployment
  30. North vs. South
    • Industrial Revolution in North
    • Cotton Gin = more slavery in South
    • Tariff – helps North and hurts South
    • American System by Henry Clay – regions work together
    • to help each other, South grows crops, North makes things
    • Better transportation to unite country: National Road, Erie
    • Canal, Turnpike, beginning of RRs
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