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  1. Type Commander
    Responsible for the ships that make up the operational numbered fleets
  2. MCPON
    • Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy
    • Spokesman to address the issues of the enlisted sailor
    • Senior enlisted in the Navy - E9
  3. CMC
    • Command Master Chief
    • Senior enlisted at a command
    • Liason between officers and elisted sailors
  4. CCRI
    • Command Cyber Readiness Inspection
    • Formal inspection that holds the CO responsible for their respective security posture
  5. EDVR
    • Enlisted Distribution Verification Report
    • Name, SSN, Rank, Rate, etc
  6. ODCR
    • Officer Distribution Control Report
    • Same as EDVR except for officers
  7. AMD
    • Activity Manpower Document
    • List the total number of billets a command is supposed to have
  8. Evaluation Report
    Record of performance for enlisted personnel
  9. Fitness Report
    Record of performance for officers
  10. Concurrent Report
    • Given to anyone away from their parent command for 90+ days
    • Does not take place of regular eval report
  11. Page 2
    • Dependency Application
    • Record of Emergency Data
  12. Page 4
    Enlisted Qualifications History and Awards
  13. SGLI
    Service Members Group Life Insurance
  14. Page 13
    Admin remarks, misc entries in chronological order
  15. OPREP-3 Pinnacle
    Used to report incidents that are of national-level interest
  16. OPREP-3 Navy Blue
    Used to report incidents that are of navy-level interest
    Covers everything else not included in the other SITREPS
  18. IG
    • Inspector General
    • Ensures the command is doing things correctly
  19. Navy Correspondence Manual
    Provide uniform standards for Navy documents
  20. PTS
    • Perform To Serve
    • Force Shaping Tool
  21. Officer Accession Programs
    • USNA/NAPS - Naval Academy
    • OCS - Officer Candidate School
    • MECP - Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program
    • MSCIPP - Medical Service Corps In-Service Procurement Program
    • LDO/CWO - Limited Duty Officer/Chief Warrant Officer
    • STA-21 - Seaman to Admiral
  22. DLPT
    • Defense Language Proficiency Test
    • Used to evaluate language abilities of service members and DoD civilians
  23. Brillian on the Basics (6)
    • Sponsorship
    • Mentorship
    • Command Indoc
    • Career Development Board
    • Ombudsmen
    • Sailor Recognitiioin
  24. PAO
    • Public Affairs Officer
    • Responsible for preparing information media ready
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