Intro to Law and Legal - terms for 5 & 6

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  1. Directs a witness to appear and testify in
  2. Directs the sheriff to seize and sell the
    property of a defendant who does not
    voluntarily pay money damages
    specified in a judgment
  3. Prevents the compelling of testimony in
    a criminal trial
  4. Determines each juror's qualifications
    for duty under the appropriate statute
    voir dire
  5. Admissible hearsay evidence that
    consists of a person's spontaneous
    declarations uttered simultaneously with
    the occurrence of an act
    res gestae
  6. Demands that the court award money
    damages or other remedies that the
    plaintiff may seek
    prayer for relief
  7. Disposes of controversies prior to trial
    when the material facts cannot be
    summary judgment
  8. A judge's decision after the close of
    evidence that the case is so clear that
    reasonable people could not disagree on
    the result
    directed verdict
  9. Excludes evidence not proceeding from
    the personal knowledge of the witness
    hearsay rule
  10. Questions whether the parties to the case
    must answer in writing and under oath
  11. Exists when the government engages in
    activity that is usually carried on by
    private individuals or that is
    commercial in character
    proprietary function
  12. A controversy already judicially decided
    red judicata
  13. A case that will not be heard by the
    courts because the questions no longer
    involve the litigants before them
    moot case
  14. Exists when there is a relationship
    between two people that allows one not
    directly involved in the case to take the
    place of the one who is a party
  15. A fundamental principle of the common
    law that a nation or state is exempt from
    being sued without its express consent
    sovereign immunity
  16. Establishes that a legally sufficient
    personal interest in a dispute exists,
    entitling an individual or entity to bring
    a lawsuit
  17. Prevents a court from adjudicating a
    claim when resolution impinges on the
    executive or legislative branch of
    political question
  18. A time period established by a
    legislature within which an action must
    be brought on claims or rights must be
    statute of limitations
  19. A case that will not be heard by the
    courts because one party is financing
    and controlling both sides of the
    collusive case
  20. Exists when the subject of a controversy
    or government act has a direct adverse
    effect on the party making the challenge
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