IDW 108

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  1. Host/Client
    • Host - Server
    • Client - User
  2. Router
    Device that jons multiple wired or wireless networks together
  3. WAP
    • Wireless Access Protocol
    • Commonly used web browser for mobile devices
  4. Proxy Server
    Internet server that controls client access to the Internet
  5. Firewall
    Used to block unauthorized access while permitting authorized communications
  6. Back-Up
    Copies of data to be used to restore the original after data is lost
  7. Topology
    • Bus, Star, Ring, Mesh - DRAW
    • Local - office building
    • Wide - state, providence, country
    • Metro - large campus or city
    • Global - unlimited geographical area
  8. OSI Model
    • Application
    • Presentation
    • Session
    • Transport
    • Network
    • Data Link
    • Physical
  9. TCP/IP Model
    • Application
    • Transport
    • Intenet
    • Network Interface
  10. IPv4 & IPv6
    • IPv4 - 32 bit IP addresses
    • IPv6 - 128 bit IP addresses
  11. NMCI
    Navy/Marine Corps Intranet
  12. ONENET
    Secure IT infrastructure to OCONUS Navy locations
  13. JWICS
    Top Secret
  14. Machine Language
    Low level binary code
  15. Assembly Language
    Low level programming language using human readable instructions
  16. High-Level Language
    Enables programmers to write programs that are independent of a particular type of computer
  17. Operating System
    Interface between hardware and user
  18. Application
    Program designed to perform a specific function
  19. Virus
    Designed to infect, destroy, modify or cause other problems w/ computer
  20. Worm
    Self-replicating virus that does not alter files but resides in active memory
  21. Trojan
    Program that appears legitimate but performs illicit activities when run
  22. Backdoor
    Allows user access and control over network
  23. Phishing
    Attempt to acquire sensitive informtion such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, etc
  24. PKI
    • Public Keying Infrastructure
    • Non-repudidation
  25. DNS
    • Domain Name System
    • Translates domain names into numerical identifiers
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