orthopedic considerations

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  1. What is an open procedure in which the jt capsule is incised and jt structures are exposed?

    • jt replacement
    • fusion
    • internal fixation
    • soft tissue repair and reconstruction
  2. What is an arthroscopy?
    • several small incisions into the skin, muscle, and jt capsule for insertion of an endoscope into the jt
    • *most minimally invasive

    • visualize
    • repair
    • minimal disturbance of the soft tissue
  3. When do muscle repairs occur?
    • 48-72 hrs after the injury
    • immobilization, m. setting, AROM after immob. removed, usually WBing restictions
    • low intensity within pain-free range
    • NO eccentrics
  4. What is he removal of the synovium (jt lining), done open or with a scope?

    • chronic inflammation of the jt
    • m. setting
  5. What is an osteotomy?
    surgical cutting or realignment of bone

    • severe arthritis, severe pain/deformity
    • immob. internally, externally or both
    • if casted-AROM jts above or below
  6. What is a surgical fusion of jt with pins, nails, plates, etc?
    • arthrodesis
    • *last resort

    severe jt pain or instability
  7. What is an arthroplasty?
    • reconstructive jt procedure with or without jt implant
    • typically a jt replacement (THR, TKR)
    • partial or total
    • cement or bio-ingrowth for younger
  8. What repairs defects in hyaline?
    articular cartilage implantation

    • grown then implanted
    • rehab is slow
    • early PROM, protected WBing
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