IDW 110

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  1. ASW
    Anti-Submarine Warfare
  2. SUW
    Surface Warfare
  3. IW
    Information Warfare
  4. AW
    Air Warfare
  5. STW
    Strike Warfare
  6. NSW
    Naval Special Warfare
  7. Explain how the Reserve Component integrates w/ the Active Component
    By placking the Reserve under the command of the local or aligned Active command
  8. Mobile Detachment
    Provide support to an operational entity
  9. Direct Support Assets
    Directly support operational requirements of a mobile platform
  10. IO Core Capabilities
    • MILDEC
    • PSYOP
    • OPSEC
    • EW
    • CNO
  11. Navy Blue/Red Teams
    • Red - COVERT - Enemy, detects vulnerabilities
    • Blue - OVERT - Ensures vulnerabilities are fixed
  12. FES
    • Fleet Electronic Support
    • Installs and maintains specialized equipment
  13. USC Title 10
    Outlines the role of armed forces
  14. USC Title 50
    Outlines the role of war and National Defense
  15. CRITIC
    Reporting vehicle used to notify the President and National Security Council of critical information
  16. CCOP
    • Cryptologic Carry-On Program
    • Provides specialized equipment for Fleet Crypto requirements
  17. MOC
    • Maritime Operations Center
    • Provides critical support for maritime strategy
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