IDW 111

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  1. OPSEC
    Denying adversary access to critical information
  2. 5 Step Planning Process
    • Identify critical information
    • Threat Assessment
    • Vulnerability Analysis
    • Risk Assessment
    • Countermeasures/measures
  3. Command OPSEC Officer
    Communicates with the commander on the best course of action to implement OPSEC practices and training
  4. WRA
    • Web Risk Assessment
    • Useful tool in determining potential CI on a commands website
  5. EEFI
    • Essential Elements of Friendly Information
    • Key Information
  6. Critical Information
    Information, if released can be detrimental to the command
  7. Functions of the OPSEC Program
    • Train on proper use of OPSEC
    • Courses, flyers
    • Coordinate w/ CO, XO, CMC
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