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  1. Frequency Bands
    • ELF 3-30HZ
    • SLF 30-300HZ
    • ULF 300HZ-3KHZ
    • VLF 3-30KHZ
    • LF 30-300KHZ
    • MF 300KHZ-3MHZ
    • HF 3-30MHZ
    • VHF 30-300MHZ
    • UHF 300MHZ-3GHZ
    • SHF 3-30GHZ
    • EHF 30-300GHZ
  2. Frequency
    Number of cycles that occur in one second
  3. Wavelength
    Distance from peak to peak
  4. Refraction
    Wave that changes direction
  5. Multiplexing
    Simultaneous transmission of two or more signals
  6. Modulation
    Encoding information onto a carrier signal for transmission
  7. Modulation Types
    • USB - upper side band
    • LSB - lower side band
    • CW - carrier wave
    • AM - amplitude modulation
    • FM - frequency modulation
  8. Azimuth Angle
    Angle of an object above the horizontal plan between the object and true or relative north
  9. Elevation Angle
    Angle between the horizontal plane and the line of sight
  10. Air Search Radar
    Search targets in large areas
  11. Surface Search Radar
    Used to detect presence of surface craft and low flying aircraft
  12. Fire Control Radar
    Provides positional data on targets
  13. Half Duplex
    • Shared transmission medium, one at a time
    • IE: Walkie Talkies
  14. Duplex
    • Allows transmission at the same time
    • IE: Phone
  15. Simplex
    • Transfer data in a single direction
    • IE: TV
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