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  1. to make impure by adding an improper substance or quality
    Adulterate; verb
  2. two-handed; able to use both hand equally well
    Ambidextrous; adjective
  3. kindly; disposed to do good
    Benevolent; adjective
  4. edge; border; threshold
    Brink; noun
  5. sticking together; consistent; unified
    Coherent; adjective
  6. belief; lack of skepticism
    Credulity; noun
  7. to suggest indirectly; to imply
    Insinuate; verb
  8. wisely stylish; sprightly in appearance or manner, fashionable
    Jaunty; adjective
  9. a close bond or connection; a relationship; an illicit affair; link; go-between
    Liaison; noun
  10. untidy; messy; crude; sloppy
    Unkempt; adjective
  11. distasteful; disgusting; unappetizing; repulsive
    Unsavory; adjective
  12. (n) an expert; a skillful master at an art; (adj) highly skilled
    Virtuoso; noun/adjective
  13. prematurely advanced; extremely early in development
    Precocious; adjective
  14. (n) a cleansing; a purification; (v) to clean or wash out
    Purge; noun/verb
  15. to abandon; to give up; to let go
    Relinquish; verb
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