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  1. hatred; strong hostility; antagonism
    Enmity; noun
  2. -unnecessary; irrelevant; not belonging
    Extraneous; adjective
  3. silly; lacking proper seriousness; not sensible
    Frivolous; adjective
  4. - the most important point; the essential point; the substance
    Crux; noun
  5. sneaky; sly; departing from the proper course
    Devious; adjective
  6. -positive about the correctness of one's opinions; opinionated
    Dogmatic; adjective
  7. -a mystery; a riddle; a baffling matter or person
    Enigma; noun
  8. - to speed up; to ease the progress of
    Expedite; verb
  9. -without appropriate respect or seriousness; fresh; impertinent
    Flippant; adjective
  10. - a set of beliefs, values, opinions, or principles
    Creed; noun
  11. - harmful; damaging
    Detrimental; adjective
  12. -to go in different directions of separate ways; to branch off
    Diverge; verb
  13. -blunt; abrupt in manner or speech
    Brusque; adjective
  14. - forcefully concise; to the point; convincing
    Cogent; adjective
  15. - a yielding to a request or demand; cooperation with a norm or policy
    Compliance; noun
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