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  1. (adj.) lowly; fit for servants; (noun) and unskilled worker
    Menial; adjective/noun
  2. - the lowest point; the very bottom; the depths
    Nadir; noun
  3. -cure-all; a cure for anything that causes illness or trouble; remedy
    Panacea; noun
  4. - deeply thoughtful, often with sadness
    Pensive; adjective
  5. moving to the emotions; touching
    Poignant; adjective-
  6. risky; uncertain; perilous
    Precarious; adjective
  7. - wisely cautious; careful; using good judgment
    Prudent; adjective
  8. - to steal; to take wrongfully
    Purloin; verb
  9. - repetitious; needlessly repetitive
    Redundant; adjective
  10. - a strict plan of behavior, and orderly system; a planned routine
    Regimen; noun
  11. - (n) one who violates the rules; a deserter; (adj.) wild; uncontrollable
    Renegade; noun/adjective
  12. - to honor and admire profoundly
    Revere; verb
  13. - false; appearing to be valid or true, but not so in reality
    Specious; adjective
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