Unit 7-15 Final Vocab

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  1. advent
    an arrival, approach
  2. apex
    the highest point, tip
  3. meander
    • (v.) to wander about, wind about
    • (n.) a sharp turn or twist
  4. obstreperous
    noisy; unruly, riotous
  5. pensive
    throughtful; melancholy, wistful; dreamy
  6. perilous
  7. sprightly
    lively; spicy, flavorful; bouyant
  8. asylum
    an institution for the care of children, ederly people, etc.; refuge, sanatorium
  9. dross
    refuse, waste products; detritus, dregs
  10. flippnant
    lacking seriousness; disrespectful, insolent, impertinent, impudent
  11. preposterous
    ridiculous; senseless; incredible
  12. pugnacious
    quarrelsome; belligerent
  13. realm
    a kingdom; a region or field of study; duchy, bailiwick, jurisdiction
  14. rejuvenate
    to make young again; revitalize
  15. remunerate
    to reward, pay, reimburse
  16. sterling
    genuine, excellent; made of silver; first rate
  17. auxilary
    • (adj.) giving assistance or support; additional
    • (n.) a helper, aid
  18. drudgery
    work that is hard and tiresome; toil
  19. feign
    to pretend; sham; affect, simulate
  20. heterogeneous
    diverse; variegated, miscellaneous
  21. incredulous
    disbelieving, skeptical; dubious
  22. prognosis
    forecast (of the outcome of a disease); projection
  23. repugnant
    offensive, disagreeable; odious, repulsive
  24. scuttle
    • (v.) to sink a ship by cutting holes in it, rid of something in decisive way; scurry; discard
    • (n.) a pail
  25. chide
    to blame; scold; upbraid
  26. despicable
    contemptible; cheap, vile; detestable
  27. erroneous
    incorrect; fallacious
  28. extemporaneous
    spontaneous, impromptu
  29. languid
    sluggish; without energy; listless, lazy
  30. obtrusive
    forward; thrust out; brash, conspicous
  31. slipshod
    careless, sloppy; slovenly, cursory
  32. brevity
    shortness; pithiness
  33. concise
    brief, succinct; pithy, to the point
  34. demure
    modest, serious in manner; decorous, shy
  35. divulge
    to tell, reveal; impart
  36. garble
    jumble, confuse
  37. proponent
    one who supports a cause; advocate, exponent
  38. recoil
    • (v.) spring back, shrink
    • (n.) kickback
  39. rivulet
    a small stream, rill
  40. staccato
    abrupt; disjointed
  41. autocratic
    tyrannical, bossy
  42. blasphemy
    profanity, sacrilege; showing contempt for something sacred
  43. brawny
    strong, muscular; broad-shouldered
  44. illustrious
    very famous; eminent, renowned
  45. intolerable
    unbearable, outrageous
  46. ponder
    think over, contemplate
  47. subversive
    • (adj.) traitorous; intended to undermine or overthrow
    • (n.) revolutionary; one who attempts to undermine a political system
  48. synthetic
    • (adj.) artificial
    • (n.) something artificial
  49. wily
    sly, cunning; clever
  50. ad infinitum
  51. bona fide
    genuine; sincere, certified
  52. clique
    small, exclusive group of people; coterie
  53. congenial
    agreeable, pleasant; friendly
  54. sordid
    run-down; mean or selfish; filthy
  55. wane
    to lose size, strength, or power: diminsih
  56. annex
    • (v.) to add to, attach
    • (n.) an attachment
  57. debacle
    disaster, fiasco; complete failure
  58. exonerate
    to clear from charge or accusation; vindicate
  59. glib
    thoughtless, insincere; facile
  60. haphazard
    by chance, lacking order; random
  61. pallor
    an extreme paleness
  62. precipitous
    very steep; sheer
  63. reconcile
    restore to friendship; to settle
  64. shackle
    • (v.) to put in chains; enslave
    • (n.) a chain
  65. boorish
    rude; clumsy; vulgar
  66. dubious
    causing suspicion; undecided
  67. harangue
    • (v.) rant; lecture
    • (n.) loud speech
  68. impenitent
    ot feeling remorse; remorseless
  69. knave
    tricky, or decietful fellow
  70. plaintiff
    on who begins lawsuit; complainant
  71. probe
    • (v.) to examine thoroughly
    • (n.) an investigation
  72. subterfuge
    an excuse, dodge; ruse
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