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  1. Space Force Enhancement
    Operations increase joint force effectiveness by increasing combat potential awareness
  2. Sun
    Biggest effect on space environment
  3. Solar Wind
    Stream of electrically charged particles flowing at high speeds from the sun
  4. Solar Cycle
    11 year cycle, 4yrs to max 7yrs to decline
  5. Van Allen Radiation Belts
    • 2 doughnut shaped regions of charged particles formed when earths traps some of the particles in the solar wind
    • Inner Belt: 5,000km above surface
    • Outer Belt: 16000-20000km above surface
  6. Low Earth Orbit
    • 150-800 miles above earth's surface.
    • 90min period
  7. Medium Earth Orbit
    • 10,800 miles
    • Semi-Synchronous - 12hr period - allow user to receive signals from more than one satellite at any time
    • Sun-Synchronous - 24hr period - highly inclined orbit
  8. Highly Eliptical Orbit
    Oval shaped orbit, slowing down at the apogee and speeding up at its perigee maintaining a view of a certain hemisphere
  9. Geosynchronous Orbit
    • 19300 miles
    • Rotates with the Earth - stays over the same place
    • GPS
  10. Polar Orbit
    Orbit that allows a satellite to travel around the earth, from pole to pole
  11. Apogee
    Farthest away from the earth's center
  12. Perigee
    Closest to the earth's center
  13. 2 main launch facilities in the US
    • Kennedy Space Center, FL
    • Vandenburg AFB, CA
  14. Global Positioning System (GPS)
    • Positioning systems providing 24 hour 3 dimensional positioning
    • Low Earth Orbit - 32 satellites
  15. Space based ISR
    • Advantage - Imagery is used for mission planning
    • Disadvantage - Weather can affect accuracy
  16. Astrometry
    A branch of astronomy that involves precise measurements of the positions and movements of stars and other celestial bodies.
  17. Precise time - GPS
    Uses the time differences of signals sent/received from 4+ satellites to fix the location of a receiver
  18. Precise Time - Geo-Location
  19. Precise Time - Network Synchronization
    Used to synchronize the clocks of computers within a network.
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