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  1. According to Catholic teaching, ordinary means are medical treatments that are optional because the benefits outweigh the burdens.
  2. Both pluralists and absolutists believe that moral "truth" exists--and that it can be known and understood definitively (i.e, w/ certainty).
  3. Contemporary Church teaching holds that it is possible to commit an inmoral act yet not sin as long as one remains true to one's infromed conscience.
  4. Hospice emphasizes palliative care for the dying; i.e., it is non-curative and focuses on pain relief.
  5. Oregon, Washington, and Montana allow DAS, whereas the Netherlands allow both DAS and Euthanasia.
  6. Planned parenthood and other pro-choicers believe that pregnancy begins at implantation and, thus, the ECP can potentially act as an abortifacient (cause an abortion).
  7. Revisionists claim that performing an act that has a "disvalue" is inmoral only when its done without sufficiently valid/proportionate reason.
  8. Regardless of a given developmental criteria for personhood (i.e, viability, brain waves, heartbeat), the church maintains that personhood is established at fertilization/conception.
  9. The only exception to ERD 58 are if the patient is actively dying of an underlying medical condition or there are problems related to the feeding tube.
  10. Some assert that personhood doesn't occur till implantation--at which point it is certain that neither twinning nor recombination can occur.
  11. The Church's "Consistent life Ethic" and its teaching on Euthanasia/DAS are based in part of the belief that the killing of innocent life--regardless of circumstances--is always morally wrong.
  12. An alternative position (between pro-DAS and anti-DAS) is to regard DAS as moral but--because of slippery-slope concerns--to oppose its legalization.
  13. The contemporary Catholic view of sin is that it should be seen more as the violation of one's conscience rather than regarding certain acts as sinful.
  14. The church teaches that it is permissible for doctors to administer lethal doses of pain medication as long as those doses are reached incrementally--even if the intent is to end the suffering by causing the patients death.
  15. The church considers that an "abortion-like" procedure might be moral in a tubal pregnancy or in the event of uterine cancer because both offer the possibility for a direct attack on the fetus.
  16. Traditionalists claim that one must always apply the triple-font process when considering the the morality of a given act, whereas Revisionists claim that certain acts are instrinsically wrong.
  17. Under Oregon's "Death with Dignity Law", the top reason most people give for choosing DAS is the fear of pain.
  18. All of the following are either state or federal laws that place restrictions on abortion except____
    A. a wife must inform her husband if she plans to abort.
  19. When it comes to stem cell research and cloning, the church believes all the following except____
    B. only extra embryos intended to be discarded can be used for stem cell research.
  20. A criticism leved at viability (as the beginning of personhood) is____
    C. just as we do not cease being a person when dependent on others, we do not achieve personhood when we attain a certain level of independence.
  21. The church claims that use of the ECP is inmoral because it has the potential to prevent____
    B. implantation
  22. Revisionists criticize traditionalists for all of the following reasons except____
    B. the belief that one must always consider all the disvalues and values in a situation.
  23. Which of the following "developmental criterion for personhood" is open to criticism on grounds that is subject to change due to advances in medical technology___
    B. viability
  24. Regarding the fullest meaning of "pro-life", the church claims that someone has_____if they oppose abortion yet support capital punishment.
    C. violated the consistent ethic of life
  25. Regardless of their stance on legal issues of abortion, most pro-choicers and pro-lifers agree taht we should try to reduce the # of abortions by providing all of the following except_____
    B. access to safe, affordable birth control
  26. The church supports research on stem cells derived from all the following except_____
    C. IVF or cloned embryos
  27. The triple-font process for moral decision-making involves all of the foollowing except_____
    A. assumptions
  28. Out of the following possibilities for use of frozen IVF embryos, the church supports all of the following except____
    C. Use for research
  29. Supporters of DAS argue that criminalizing it leads to all of the following except_____
    C. slippery-slope fears become a reality
  30. Critics of euthanasia cite a 1995 survey of Dutch doctors that showed 20% of all_____
    B. patients euthanized did not give explicit permission to be euthanized.
  31. According to the Church, one may refuse extraordinary means as long as all of the following conditions exist except_____
    D. the treatment is too costly to the hospital.
  32. The vatican's position on AHN for PVS patients now include all of the following except_____
    A. the weighing of benefits and burdens should occur under all circumstances.
  33. The church is fearful that legalization of DAS and euthanasia may eventually lead to all of the following consequences except____
    B. hospice may eventually be put out of business
  34. Supporters from both sides of the issue claim that if Roe v. Wade is ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court, all of the following will result except_____
    more countries will follow the example of the U.S. and criminalize abortion.
  35. Republican and pro-choice Catholic Doug Kmeic voted for Obama because he believed that_____
    Obama's beliefs/policies reflected the Church's consistent life ethic more fully than did McCain's.
  36. Under Constantine, the "marriage" of the Church and the Roman Empire opened the door to the development of the Just war doctrine.
  37. According to the Church's JWD, revenge is a valid intention for war only when it is accompanied by the intent to protect human rights.
  38. According to the principle of discrimination, collateral damage may be tolerated as long as the targeting of civilians is neither direct not intended.
  39. If called up in a military draft, one who qualifies for conscientious objector status must still perform some form of non-combat military duty.
  40. The Church makes if difficult for a nation to go to war by claiming that a war is unjustified if only one of the JWD principles is not satisfied.
  41. Congress approved the invasion of Iraq based on the Bush administation argument that Iraq had WMD and that it conspired with al Qaeda in plannind the 9/11 attacks.
  42. The original purpose of operation Enduring Freedom was to neutralize al Qaeda in afghanistan and to ensure that the Taliban could not offer al Qaeda a safe haven.
  43. One in 5 soldiers returning from Iraq & Afghanistan suffer from traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  44. Obama's new strategy on Afghanistan includes the withdrawal of all troops by the end of next year, even though that can change depending on "Conditions on the ground"
  45. The remaining U.S. combat troops left in Iraq at the end of 2011, although over 10,000 Americans will remain in support of the U.S. embassy.
  46. Over 100,000 Iraqi civilians were killed by the U.S./allies and surgents (Shia, Sunni, al Qaeda)
  47. Over the last 5 years the suicide rate for U.S. troops (12.5 per 100,000) is almost as high as the civilian rate.
  48. About 20% of U.S. soldiers who fought in Iraq or Afghanistan have been diagnosed with PTSD.
  49. Hamas believed in a two-state solution but wants the future palestinian state to be based on Sharia, whereas Fatah says Israel has no right to exist and wants a secular Palestinian state.
  50. Within a year after the Arabs rejected the UN partition of Palestine, the Jews acquired Gaza and the West Bank during their "War of Independence"
  51. In the Jewish-Arab war of 1948, the state Brael was created and 100s of thousands of palestinians ended up in refugee camps in neighboring Arab territory.
  52. The study by Brown University predicted that when additional long-term costs are added in, the Draq Afghan wars could eventually end up costing us $4 trillion.
  53. In tactical NUR, nonviolence is preferred but violence is not ruled on, whereas if one adopts ethical NVR violence is never justified.
  54. The KAND corporation studied 648 terrorist groups from 1968-2006 and found that of those that no longer existed, 93% were defeated by military force.
  55. For practioners of Ghandian NVR, are most refrain from heating or humiliating one's oppressor.
  56. Because the U.S Bishops didn't believe there was sufficient evidence to supporting the Bush Administration charge that the U.S. or its allies were under imminent threat of military attack by Iraq they considered the principle of_____was not satisfied.
    Just Cause
  57. Prior to the war with Iraq, the U.S. Bishops were concerned that all of the following JWD principles would be violated except_____
    right intention
  58. According to the UN, the economic sanctions imposed on Iraq in the aftermath of Desert Storm contributed to the death of about 750,000 Iraqi citizens. Many U.S. Bishops believe those sanctions were immoral because ultimately they violated the principle of________.
  59. The U.S. Bishops claimed that attacking Iraq would produce more harm than good. They believed all of the following except______would likely result if Iraq were invaded.
    If Saddan felt Iraq's defeat was inevitable he might order an atack on U.S. cities using missiles armed with chemical, biological, or nuclear warheads.
  60. Prior to 9/11 Osama was ticked at the U.S. for all of the following reasons except_____.
    The American war against the Taliban, al Qaeda's ally in Afghanistan.
  61. The Iraq war has cost the US about $800 billion and the lives of _____ American Troops
  62. Major stumbling blocks to U.S. success in Afghanistan include all of the following except_______.
    President Karzai's request that all drune attacks cease.
  63. Regarding the 1967 Six Day War, all of the following are true except______
    Israel took Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt.
  64. Obstacles to peace in the Pakistinian-Israeli conflict include all of the following except_____
    the Palestinian settlements in Gaza
  65. Regarding NVR theory and tactics, all of the following are true except_____
    passice, non-resistance is permitted, but only when facing overwhelming power.
  66. Death penalty cases are considerably more expensive than non-capital cases--and most of that cost is due to the lengthy appeals process.
  67. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the state may not seek the death penalty for either the mentally retarded or those convicted of rape.
  68. DP opponents arguing about the fallibility of the justice system point to a Columbia Law School review of almost 6,000 capital cases in which serious error--enough to warrant retrial--was discovered in almost 10% of those cases.
  69. The Church's opposition to the DP includes the belief that modern society has the means to protect itself without definitely denying criminal, the chance to reform.
  70. Abolistionists claim that the DP is discriminatory on racial grounds because blocks are four times more likely than whites to be sentenced to death.
  71. Christian DP supporters are more likely to rely on gospel passages, while Christian abolitionists are more likely to tur to the Old Testament.
  72. A mid-90's study found that even though over 90% of 365 U.S. police chiefs support DP on philosopical grounds, 80% rejected the belief that it serves, as an effective deterrent.
  73. A study of the U.S. homicide rate over a 20-year period revealed that homicide rates in DP states, were 48%-101% lower than in abolitionist states.
  74. A defendant represented by a court-appointed lawyer is twice as likely to receive the DP as one who is represented by a private attorney on a public defender.
  75. The U.S Supreme Court has ruled that a death sentence may not be imposed on a person who was under 18 (at the time they committed their crime)

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