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  1. fable
    a legend or a short moral story often using animals as characters
  2. falling action
    that part of a plot structure in which the complication of the rising action are untagled. also known as denouement
  3. farce
    a play or a scene in a play or a book that is characterized by broad humor, wild antics, and often slapstick and physical humor
  4. foreshadowing
    to hint at or present an indication of the future beforehand
  5. formal diction
    language that is lofty, dignified, personal. such diction is often used in narrative epic poetry
  6. flashback
    retrospection where an eariler event is inserted into the normal chronology of the narrative
  7. free verse
    poetry that is characterized by varying lines/lengths , lack of traditional meter, and non-rhyming lines
  8. genre
    a type or class of literature such as epic or narrative or poetry
  9. hyperbole
    overstatement characterized by exaggerated language
  10. iambic
    matrical foot in poetry that consists of an unstressed syllable followed bya stressed syallable
  11. imagery
    broadly defined, any sensory detail or evocation in a work;more narrowly the use of figurative language to invoke a feeling, or to describe an object
  12. informal diction
    language that is not as lofty or impersonal as formal diction; similar to everyday speech
  13. in medias res
    "in the midst of things" refers to opening a story in the middle of action
  14. irony
    situation or statement characterized by significant difference between what is expected or understood and what actually happens or is meant. irony is often humorus and sometimes sarcastic when it uses words to imply the opposite of what they normally mean
  15. jargon
    specialized or technical language of a trade, professional, or similar group.
  16. juxtaposition
    the location of one thing as being adjacent or juxtaposed with another. this placing of two items side by side creates a certain effect, reveals an attitude, or accomplishes some purpose of the writer
  17. limited point of view
    perspective confined to a single character, whether a first person or third person; the reader cannot know for sure what is going on in the minds of other characters
  18. litote
    figure of speech that emphasizes its subjects by conscious understatement; for example, the understatement "not bad" as a comment about something especially well done.
  19. loose sentence
    sentence grammatically complete and usually stating its main idea, before the end.
  20. lyric
    originally designed poems meant to be sung to the accompaniment of a lyre; now any short poem in which the speaker expresses intense personal emotion rather than describing a narrative or dramatic situation
  21. message
    misleading term for theme; the central idea or statement of a story or area of inquiry or explanation; misleading because is suggests a simple package statement that pre-exists and for the simple communication of which the story is written.
  22. metaphor
    one thing pictured as if it was something else, suggesting likeness or analogy between them. implict comparison or identfication of one thing with another unlike itself without the word like or as
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