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  1. meter
    more or less regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry. this is determined by the kind of "foot" and by number of feet per line
  2. metonymy
    figure of speech in which an attribute or commonly associated feature is used to name or designated something
  3. mood
    feeling or ambiance resulting from the tone of a piece as well as the writer/narrater"s attitude and point of view. this effect is fabricated through discriptions of feeling and objects that ebstablish a sense of fear, patriotism, sanctity, hope , etc.
  4. motif
    recurrent device, formula or situation that often serves as a signal for the apperance of of a character or event
  5. narrative structure
    textual organization based on sequences of connected events, usually presented in a straightforward logical framework
  6. narrator
    the character that tells a story
  7. occasional poem
    poem written about or for a specific occasion, public or private
  8. ode
    lyric poem that is somewhat serious in subject and treatment, is elevated in style, and sometimes uses elaborate stanza structure
  9. omniscent point of view
    also called unlimited focus: a perspective that can be seen from one character's view, than anothers, or can be moved in or out of a mind of any character at anytime
  10. onomatopoeia
    word capturing or approximating the sound of what it describes
  11. overstatement
    exaggerated language; also called hyperbole
  12. oxymoron
    a figure of speech that combines two apparently contradictory elements, sometimes resulting in a humorus image or statement: "tight slacks" "jumbo shrimp"
  13. parable
    a short fictionthat illustrates an explict moral lesson through the use of anaology
  14. paradox
    a statement that seems contradictory but may actually be true
  15. parallel structure
    the use of similar forms in writing for nouns, verbs, phrases, or thoughts
  16. parody
    a work that imitates another work for comic effect by exaggerating the style and changing the content of the original
  17. pastoral
    a work( also called an ecologue, a bucolic, or an idyll) that describes the simple life of country folk, usually shepheards who live in timeless, painless(and sheepless) life in a world full of beauty, music and love
  18. periodic sentence
    a sentence that is not grammatically complete till the end
  19. persona
    the voice or figure of the author who tells and structures the story and who may or may not share the values of the actual author
  20. personification
    treating an abstraction or nonhuman object as if it were a person by endowing it with human qualities
  21. petrarchan sonnet
    also called italian sonnet: a sonnet form that divides the poem into one section of eight lines (octave) and a second section of six lines (sestet), usually following the abba abba cde cde rhyme scheme through the sestet's rhyme varies
  22. plot
    the arrangement of the narration based on the cause-effect relationship of the events
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