Living Environment Biochemistry

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  1. What elements do organic compounds contain?
    BOTH carbon and hydrogen
  2. Why is water not organic?
    It is not made of BOTH carbon and hydrogen
  3. What is homeostasis?
    Internal stability
  4. What controls biochemical processes?
  5. How does photosythesis make energy?
    It makes organic molecules from the suns energy.
  6. What is glucose's compund formula?
  7. What are reactants?
    The Things required
  8. What are are the products?
    The things that are made.
  9. What is the formula for photosynthesis?
    Water+Carbon Dioxide---enzymes & sunlight--->Oxygen+Glucose
  10. When does photosynthesis occur?
    All the time there is light (Day Time)
  11. What are enzymes?
    Special proteins that affect the rate of chemical reactions.
  12. What is respiration? Where does it occur?
    Making energy. It happens in the mitochondria of a cell.
  13. What is the importance of repiration?
    Every living organism on earth runs on the energy made.
  14. What is the formula for respiration?
    Oxygen+Glucose---enzymes--->ATP+Carbon Dioxide+Water
  15. Why is the term catalyst a good word to describe an enzyme?
    A catalyst affects the rate of chemical reactions
  16. Why do enzymes have a specific shape?
    They are proteins with different amino acid sequences.
  17. Why is it important that enzymes have a specifc shape?
    It determines their unique function.
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