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  1. How did Daniel and you meet
    como se concieron tu y Daniel
  2. I have not read any book today
    no he leido ningun libro hoy
  3. I met him two years ago
    lo conoci hace dos anos
  4. I met him three months ago
    lo conoci hace tres meses
  5. yes, I know pedro
    si, conozco a pedro
  6. they believe that history is boring
    creen que la historia es aburrida
  7. when did you meet Daniel
    cuando conociste a Daniel
  8. when did you meet him
    cuando lo conociste
  9. we were students at the same university
    eramos alumnos en la misma universidad.
  10. If it is sunny, I will swim in the ocean
    si hace sol, nadare en el oceano
  11. they believe that math is intersting
    creen que las matematicas son interesantes
  12. we have not won any games this fall.
    no hemos ganado ningun partido este ontono
  13. He has not bought any clothes this year.
    el no ha comprado ninguna ropa este ano
  14. If he catches the ball, his team will win the game.
    Si agarra la pelota, su equipo ganara el partido
  15. If I have enough money, I will buy this.
    Si tengo suficiente dinero comprare esto
  16. Do you know pedro
    conoces a pedro?
  17. Your book is very interesting.
    Su libro es muy interesante

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