Chapter 22 acute neurological disorders

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  1. What are some diagnostic test used for acute neurological disorders
    • CSF examination
    • ICP
    • CT
    • MRI
    • EEG
  2. Where is CSF normally obtained
    from a lumbar puncture between the 3rd and 4th, or 4th and 5th lumbar region
  3. clear colorless fluid
    fills ventricles and subarachnoid space, brain, and spinal cord
  4. What makes up CSF
    • 99%water
    • glucose
    • protein
    • urea
    • salts
    • no cells, ocasional lymphocyte
  5. How are the number and type of blood cells, bacteria, viruses, and fungi determined
    culture of CSF
  6. How is ICP measured
    • monometer attached to syringe
    • above 20 mmHg high
  7. What are the effects of ICP
    • less blood enters brain
    • negative effect on neurons
    • brain dies
  8. What is ICP associated with
    • brain hemmorhage
    • trauma
    • cerebral edema
    • infection
    • tumors
    • excessive amounts of CSF
  9. What are clinical manifestations of ICP
    • decreased conciousness
    • headache
    • vomiting
    • increased BP
    • decreaed heart rate
    • papilledema
    • pupils fixed & dialted
  10. noninvasive x-ray
    scanner & detector circle patient 360o

  11. radio waves provide energy source/more detailed
    Imaging using magnets
    patient surrounded by magnetic field
    hydrogen atoms line up
    signal released, atoms return to original location
    image taken
  12. excessive discharge of the brain neurons cause
  13. Seizures can be precipitated by
    • inflammation
    • hypoxia
    • bleeding
  14. primary malignant tumor of the brain
  15. what type of brain tumor accounts for about 40-50% of brain tumors
  16. glioma is a tumor of what brain cells
  17. What are neuroglial cells
    cells in the brain that support, protect, and repair neurons
  18. How are gliomas classified
    location and cell origin
  19. Can glioma tumors metastasize
    in CNS yes, but rarely outside of CNS
  20. Where do secondary brain tumors normally arise metastasize from
    breast or lung tumors
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