Midterm 1

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  1. Impressement #
    by 1807; 6,000 Americans impressed by Britain.
  2. Impressement details
    Brits could not operate all ships in war with Napolean, so needing more sailors, they took them. Did not think that Brits could relinquish their status as British Subjcets, and they did not recognize American citizenship. Led to embargo act and war of 1812
  3. Leopard and Chesapeake affair
    • off the coast of Virginia, Brit tried to impress 4 brits on board.
    • 3 people were killed in scuffle and 18 wounded.
    • led to embargo act and 80% decline in American trade.
    • led to war of 1812
  4. Tecumseh
    • Born in Ohio country 1768, died at the Battle of Thames in 1813. Opposed American expansion in Old NorthWest.
    • Last old Northwest successfull military resistance.
    • His death put finality on today's American Heartland, with his death and most surrendering to W.H Harrison
  5. Embargo Act
    1807, because of impressement Chesapeake-Leopard affair. Underminded America's faith that their gov could execute its own affairds, and showed France and Britain that Republic was shaky. Boosted Fed supported, but died down after war of 1812 in 1814
  6. Battle of New Orleans
    • January 8, 1815. British attacked fortified american troops.
    • Britain hoped to acquire the lands of the Louisiana purchase.
    • Jackson killed 250 Brits, wounded 1,200 and only 70 American casualties.
    • Treaty of ghent was ratified in Febuary 1815, so this seemed as if it was a direct cause of this battle. Giving America a historical memory of fate and destin.
  7. Treaty of Ghent
    • John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay and Britain
    • Signed Dec 24, 1815, but ratified Feb 1815
    • ended war. Doesnt change boundaries of impressement.
    • US was going broke after Jefferson allowed charter to end in 1811
  8. Battle of Horshoe Bend
    • March 1814
    • Red sticks killed 400 whites and white stick creeks at fort mims
    • Red sticks opposed American expansion.
    • Jackson invaded w/ white sticks and red sticks held up at Horshoe Bend.
    • Killed more indians than any battle with 800 dead.
    • Jackson made them sign Treaty of Fort Jackson, ceding 23 million acres, at gunpoint.
    • Jackson promoted to General Major and helped be elected in 1828
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