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  1. Unit Two is operating at rated power with the A SJAE train in service at Full Load.

    A clearance tagging error results in the closure of the SJE-V15, Recombiner Preheater
    Steam Supply Valve followed by the following alarm:


    Which one of the following describes the effect these conditions will have on Main Condenser vacuum and downstream Hydrogen concentrations?

    Main Condenser vacuum will ______.
    Hydrogen concentrations will ______.

    A. remain steady;
    B. remain steady;
    C. degrade;
    D. degrade;
    • A. remain steady;
    • increase

    The closure of SJE-V15 will have no effect on operation of the SJAEs and no effect on condenser vacuum. The loss of the recombiner Preheater steam source and resultant low recombiner temperature will cause recombiner efficiency to drop, causing downstream hydrogen concentrations to rise.
  2. Unit 2 is operating at 100% power. During a control panel lineup check, the BOP operator discovers AOG System Bypass valve, HCV-102, control switch has been incorrectly selected to the “CLOSED” position (instead of “AUTO”). The AOG SYS VLVCONT SEL SW control switch, 2-AOG-CS-3161 is correctly selected to the “CENT” position.

    If a high hydrogen concentration (> 2%) downstream of the recombiner occurs with this switch mispositioned, how will the AOG system bypass valve, HCV-102, respond?

    A. Open.
    B. Close.
    C. Remain open.
    D. Remain closed.
    D. Remain closed.

    Automatic opening of the bypass valve will NOT occur unless the HCV-102 control switch is in the AUTO position.
  3. Unit 2 is performing heatup and pressurization of the reactor per GP-02.

    While placing the AOG system in service, the control operator closed AOG bypass valve (HCV-102), and left the control switch in the CLOSED position.

    Hydrogen concentration downstream of the recombiner subsequently rises to 2.5%. How will the AOG system bypass valve (HCV-102) and the AOG guard bed isolation valve (XCV-142) respond?

    A. HCV-102 auto opens, XCV-142 auto closes.
    B. HCV-102 auto opens, XCV-142 remains open.
    C. HCV-102 remains closed, XCV-142 auto closes.
    D. HCV-102 remains closed, XCV-142 remains open.
    C. HCV-102 remains closed, XCV-142 auto closes.
  4. The 30-minute hldup in the Off-Gas system collects non-condensible gases from which one of the following sources?

    A. Steam Jet Air Ejectors
    B. Steam Packing Exhauster
    C. Mechanical Vacuum Pumps
    D. Moisture Separator Reheater vents
    A. Steam Jet Air Ejectors
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