Law chapter 5 and 6 terms

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  1. if a reasonable person could not find in favor of the plaintiff after considering the evidence the evidence most favorable to the plaintiff, the plaintiff looses
    Motion for nonsuit
  2. requires, unless they are obtainable, original documents rather than copies be introduced into evidence
    Best evidence rule
  3. legally adequate
  4. Evidence that logically tends to prove or disprove some issue of consequences that is in dispute
  5. probative evidence that tends to prove something of importance to the case
  6. If the judge decides that the case is perfectly clear and that reasonable people could not disagree on the result. (if motion is granted that party wins and it isn’t submitted to the jury
    Motion for a directed verdict
  7. granted when the judge decides that reasonable
    people could not have reached the verdict that the jury has reached
    Motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict (JNOV)
  8. when another jury may be granted by a judge for a variety of reasons
    Motion for a new trial
  9. granted if the judge finds a clerical error in the judgment, newly discovered evidence, or fraud that induced the judgment
    motion for relief from judgement
  10. When a jury’s award is grossly insufficient, the trial court is asked to award the plaintiff an additional sum of money
  11. when a jury finds for the plaintiff and the money damage award is grossly excessive, the defendant is entitled to ask the trial and appellate courts to reduce the size of the award.
  12. a process that results in the debtor’s employer being ordered to deduct a percentage of the debtor’s earnings from each paycheck
  13. provides that American courts should not determine the validity of public acts committed by a foreign sovereign within its own territory
    State Doctrine
  14. An equitable doctrine that can be used to bar equitable relief to a plaintiff who has ullreasonably delayed filing suit under circumstances that unfairly prejudiced the defendant.
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