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  1. Uses of density (4)
    • identify a substance
    • can tell if something will sink or float
    • separate a mixture
    • measure a concentration of a solution
  2. water?
    1.00 g/cm3
  3. Density can change under what conditions? (4)
    • state of matter
    • temperature
    • purity of a substance
    • concentration of a mixture
  4. What is true about density?
    • a more dense object will sink in a less dense substance.
    • a less dense object will float in a more dense substance.
  5. what determines if one substance will sink or float in another substance?
    the density
  6. why is it so easy to float in the great salt lake (utah) or the dead sea (israel)
    because it is very dense.
  7. How can denisty be used to separate substances?
    by separating the more and less desnse substances
  8. explain why desnity is important in bodies of water containing fish and other aquatic life.
    it creates ice and helps the ice not sink, so the fish dont die during the winter.
  9. A substance with a given denisty, is heated, that means it's volume will...
  10. a substance with a given density is heated, that means its mass will..
  11. if a substances mass is constant, but the volume increases, what will happen to its density?
    it will decrease.
  12. What is true about ice and water?
    ice is less dense than water. ice floats.
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