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    • the pressure in a oxygen cylinder can be as high as what psi? which must be reduced to a working pressure of ? To ? Psi.
    • 2200 psi. 1 to 25 psi
  1. typically oxygen cylinders is made of what
  2. oxygen cylinders has the capacity of what
    220 cubic feet
  3. how should acetylene cylinders be check for leaks at the valves or the safety fuse plugs
    by using a soapy solution
  4. acetylene cylinders are equipped with the safety plugs describe them to me and how they work
    small holes through center. holes filled with metal alloy. metal alloys melt at 212 degrees fahrenheit or releases at 500 p s I. the hole too small for flame to back burn
  5. what is acetone
    • colorless flamable liquid.
    • add it to the acetylene cylinder 40 percent of porous material is saturated.
  6. What is porous
    material located in acetylene cylinders such as balsa wood, charcoal corn pith or Portland cement. it helps to take up space and absorb acetone
  7. acetylene becomes unstable at what psi
    15 p s I
  8. acetylene must not be drawn off in volumes greater than____? of the cylinders rated capacity
  9. acetylene can be compressed into cylinders when dissolved in acetone at pressures up to ? Psi
    250 psi
  10. what is the description of acetylene
    • colorless flammable gas
    • composed of carbon and hydrogen manufactured by the reaction of water and calcium carbide. slightly lighter than air
  11. what pressure does acetylene become self explosives
    29.4 p s I
  12. outlet valves which I've been clogged with ice should be thawed how? and what should you not do?
    • unclogging with warm water
    • you should not use scalding water or an open flame
  13. oxygen cylinders should be stored separate from what
    • combustible materials
    • minimum of 20 feet
    • or by non combustible barrier at least 5 feet high. fire resistant rate for 1 half hour
  14. what p s I do you operate acetylene and what must you have suitable
    • 15 p s I
    • pressure reducing regulator
  15. how much acetylene be stored
    • . up right
    • . well ventilated area
    • . well protected and dry
    • . 20 foot from highly combustible material
    • . area must not exceed of 137 degrees
    • . must have valve protection caps
  16. if acetylene cylinders have been stored horizontally what should you do
    stan cylinder vertically for 45 minutes prior to using
  17. what valve do you close first when shutting down torch
    close acetylene torch valve
  18. when opening the oxygen torch valve how far do you open it
    1/4 turn
  19. when opening acetylene torch valve how far do you open it
    1/4 turn
  20. when flame cutting sparks can fly how far
    30 to 40 ft
  21. when a cylinder is empty what do you mark on it
    m t
  22. what do you use to light a torch
    • . friction lighter
    • . stationary pilot flames
  23. when a torch is not in use what do you make sure
    • . torch is not burning
    • . release regulator
    • . Bleed the hose
    • . close the valve
    • . don't hang the torch with its hoses on the regulator or cylinder valve
  24. what should you do prior to ignite ing torch
    purge both acetylene and oxygen lines
  25. what kind of threads does the acetylene hose connection have
    left hand threads
  26. when necessary to blow out the acetylene hoes how do you do it
    in a well ventilated place free from sparks
  27. steel heat it from an oxy acetylene flame becomes fluid between what temperature
    2450 to 2750 deg
  28. when backhand welding the operator should have the torch and rod at what degrees to the working surface
    90 deg
  29. what is oxidizing flame
    • oxidizing flame is produced when slightly more than 1 volume of oxygen is mixed with 1 volume of acetylene
    • . makes a hissing sound
    • .temp at 6300 deg
  30. what is a neutral flame
    • approxmently 1 volume of oxygen and 1 volume of acetylene leaves you with a defined inner come
    • . acetylene streamer (feather) 1/16 to 1/8
  31. welding may be divided into 2 general classfications what are they
    • pressure
    • non pressure
  32. oxy acetylene welding is what classifications
    non pressure
  33. what do you use to lubricate the valves
  34. what are the 2 methods of gas welding
    • backhand
    • forehand
  35. how many safety plugs are on the acetylene
    • 5
    • 2 on too
    • 3 on the bottom
  36. What should you do before attachment the pressure regulator to the acetylene bottle
    Open each acetylene cylinder valve for an instant to blow dirt out the nozzles..
  37. When opening the cylinder valve how fast do you open it and why do you open it that way
    • Slow
    • Reasoned is because you need to avoid strain on the regulator gage.
  38. If a acetylene cylinder is leaking around the safety fuse plug what should you do
    • Take cylinder out side
    • Open slightly to permit the content to escape
  39. Should you store oxygen cylinders around oil or grease
  40. acetylene can compressed into cylinders when dissolved in acetone at pressures up to what psi
  41. most oxygen cylinders have a capacity of what cubic feet? at the pressure of what psi? and a temperature of?
    • 220 cubic feet
    • 2000 psi
    • 70 degrees
  42. Acetylene cylinders should be reduced to a working pressure of?
    1 to 12.psi
  43. on the cylinder regulator what must be installed between the hose and the regulator.
    Check valves
  44. what is a creeping regulator
    Don't understand
  45. What should you do if there is a leak between the regulator and the nozzle.
    Must be replaced immediately to avoid damage or injuries
  46. What is oew
    Oxyfuel gas welding
  47. Joint edges 1/4th should be?
  48. Plate thickness of 3/4th in should be?
    Double beveled
  49. What are some characteristics of a carburizing flame
    • Inner come has a feathery edge extending beyond it
    • White feather is called the acetylene feather
  50. If the acetylene feather is twice as long as the inner come...what is that also known as
    2x flame
  51. oxidizing flame has a temp of ?
  52. 5 basic joints
    • .corner
    • .butt
    • .lap
    • .tee
    • .edge
  53. 4 position of welding
    • .Flat
    • .horizontal
    • .vertical
    • .overhead
  54. Temp of neutral flame
  55. Temp of pure burning acetylene
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