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    • What is the percentage of asatone in acetylene bottles
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  1. What is the max operating pressure for acetylene?
    15 psi
  2. At what temp does the safety fuse melt and blows off
    Melts at 212° f and blows at 3000 psi
  3. Working pressure if Oxy when you are oxyacetylene welding
    1-25 psi
  4. how many safty fuses does acetylene bottle have
    5 2 on top 3on bottom
  5. what kind of valve its on top of an oxygen cylinder
    Tobin bronze valve
  6. what is the diameter and capacity of an oxygen cylinder
    2000 p s I 220 cubic square feet and 8 and a half inch diameter
  7. what is the compacity of an acetylene cylinder
    125-375 cubic feet and 250 psi
  8. at what pressure does acetylene become unstable
    15 psi
  9. at what pressure does a acetylene become self explosives
    29.4 psi
  10. how should oxygen cylinders be stored with fuel or gas cylinders
    should be separated at least 20 feet or by a barrier of non combustible at least 5 feet high and having a fire resistant rating of at least 1 and a half hours
  11. how fast should you draw off cylinders
    you should not draw off in volumes greater than 1/7 of cylinders rated compacity
  12. how many regulators are on the cylinders
    2 1 is working pressure and 1 is the cylinder gauge
  13. what items make up the torch
    tip ,mixing head, and handle
  14. what is it called when you have a bad seat or buy foreign matter lodge between the seat and the nozzle
    Creeping regulator
  15. what are the 4 types of flames
    Pure burning acetylene, reducing or carbonized, neutral, and oxidizing
  16. what temp is pure burning acetylene
    1500 degrees fahrenheit
  17. what temp is the reducing or carbonizing flame and what is it used for
    5700 degrees fahrenheit and used for brazing
  18. what temp is a neutral flame
    5850 degrees fahrenheit
  19. what temp is an oxidizing flame and what does it sound like
    6300 degrees fahrenheit and makes a hissing noise
  20. what are the 4 types of edge prep
    Bevels, vee, j, grove
  21. what are the 5 basic joints
    corner, butt, lap, tee, edge
  22. what are the positions of welds
    flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead
  23. what are the 2 methods of welding
    forehand and backhand
  24. what are the 2 classifications of welding
    pressure and non pressure
  25. how should cylinders never be stored
    on their sides
  26. you should never empty a cylinder less than what psi
    50 psi
  27. what kind of threads are on oxygen and what kind of threads on acetylene
    oxygen has right handed threads and acetylene has a left handed threads
  28. welding rods are classified and what 2 categories
    ferrous and non ferrous
  29. what governs what type of welding rod is to be used
    the thickness of the metal being joined
  30. what should the current setting be for welding a vertical position
    less than those used in a flat position
  31. what type of welding position is considered the most difficult to perform
    overhead position
  32. when brazing what should you never melts
    the base metal
  33. what types of metal would you be cutting when using oxygen acetylene cutting torch
    ferrous metals
  34. what is the abbreviation and what does it stand for electric arc welding
    Smaw shielded metal arc welding
  35. how far r you supposed to hold the inner flame cone when cutting
    1/16 inches above the cutting surface
  36. what are the 3 types of welding equipment
    welding transformer, electric motor driven welding generator, gasoline engine driven welding generator
  37. welding equipment only use direct current
    electric motor driven welding generator, and gasoline engine driven welding generator
  38. what kinda current can you weld both straight in reverse polarity
    direct current
  39. who started the number classification system of welding rods
    american welding society
  40. what are the 4 main factors to observe when electric arc welding
    current settings, length of arc, speed of travel, angle of electrode
  41. what are the 2 methods used in starting an arc
    striking or brushing and the other is tapping method
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