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  1. A. Philip Randolph
    �civil rights in WWII; March on Washington, D.C.
  2. J. Robert Oppenheimer
    �Manhattan Project
  3. George Kennan
    �long telegram, containment
  4. John Foster Dulles
    ��massive retaliation�; Sec. of State under Eisenhower
  5. Brinkmanship
    �willingness to go to the verge of war so that the other side will back down
  6. NATO
    �North Atlantic Treaty Organization; mutual defense organization
  7. Warsaw Pact
    �mutual defense organization in Eastern Europe
  8. SEATO
    �(1954) Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan signed Southeast Asia Treaty
  9. ANZUS
    �(1951) mutual defense treaty between Australia, New Zealand, United States in the Pacific
  10. Good Neighbor Policy
    �improve relationship w/ Latin American, nonintervention
  11. Office of Price Administration
    �stabilize wages & price dueing war
  12. War Productions Board
    �regulated raw material usage
  13. War Labor Board
    �prevent strikes, WLB= mediator
  14. Manhattan Project
    �code name for atomic bomb project
  15. Michael Harrington
    �The Other America, ppl left out of prosperity, living in poverty
  16. Neutrality Acts (1939)
    �prohibits loans & arm sales to belligerent nations; cash & carry
  17. Lend-Lease (1940)
    �Am policy to lend/lease war goods to nations whose defense was vital to American safety
  18. Atlantic Charter (1941)
    �FDR & Churchill�s plan for WWII, endorse self determination
  19. GI Bil
    l�(Serviceman�s Readjustment Act) loans to soldiers for businesses, education, homes
  20. Executive Order 9981
    �(1948) Truman integrates the military
  21. Truman Doctrine (1947)
    �policy to prevent Communist expansion; aid to Turkey and Greece
  22. Marshall Plan (1947)
    �US�s plan for European economic recovery
  23. Taft-Hartly Act�(1947)
    congress restricted union power, outlawed �closed shops�
  24. Eisenhower Doctrine
    �(1957) use force against advancing communists in Middle East
  25. Allie:
    US, GB, Fr, Belgium, USSR
  26. Axis Powers:
    Germ, Italy, Japan
  27. D-Day:
    June 6, 1944, largest operation, France
  28. Stalingrad:
    turning point in USSR
  29. Midway:
    turning point in Pacific
  30. Korean War
    • Divided at 38th parallel
    • D. MacArthur: leads South pushing back North; fired by Truman
    • End: Stalemate, still divided, North Communist, South democratic
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