Chapter 20 Psychiatric Emergencies (EMT-B)

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  1. Behavioral Crisis
    The point at which a person's reactions to event interfere with activities of daily living; this necomes a psychiatric emergency when it causes a majot life interuption such as attempted sucide
  2. Agiated Delirium
    A condition of disproentation, confusion, and possible hallucinations coupled with purposeless, restless physical activity.
  3. Functional Disorder
    A disorder in which there is no known physiologic reason for the abnormal functioning of an organ or organ system
  4. Organic Brain Syndrome
    Temporary or premanent dysfunction of the brain, cause by a disturbance in the physical or physologic functing of brain tissue
  5. Psychiatric Disorder
    An illness with psychological or behavioral symptoms and/or impairment in functioning caused by a social, psychological, genetic, physical, chemical, or biologic disturbance.
  6. Psychiatric Emergency
    An emergency in which abnormal behavior threatens a person's own health and safety or the health and safety of another person, for example when a person becomes suicidal, homicidal, or has a psychotic episode.
  7. Psychosis
    A mental disorder characterized by the loss of contact with reality.
  8. Example of a Psychiatric Emergency
    A person might respond to the death of a spouse by attempting sucide
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