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  1. study of microorganism
  2. microorganisms that benefits humans
    most microorganisms benefit humans and often used in making vitamins,antibiotic,and food products
  3. five groups of pathogenic microorganisms
    bateria, protozoa, rickettsae, yeasts, viruses
  4. anton van leeuwenhoek
    father of microbiology created microscope
  5. ferdinand julias cohn
    introduce the reason to test sterilization bacteria can change into endospore from vegetative state if exposed to heat
  6. Louis pasteur
    heat kills spores and bacteria
  7. robert koch
    proved that specific type of bacteria causes a specific type of disease,termed the etiologic agent
  8. richard julias petri
    invented petri dish
  9. the two groups of microorganisms
    viruses and bacteria
  10. sporulating is
    the means of survival for bacteria
  11. bicilli
    rod shaped
  12. cocci
    round or bead shaped
  13. spirilla
    S shape
  14. vibrious
    curved like a comma
  15. tuberculosis
    airborne spread trough coughing, saliva, cross contamination detected by skin test or chest xray
  16. antigens
    pathogens stimulate production of antibodies
  17. the ability to resist pathogen is
  18. humans are born with
    natural immunity
  19. acquired immunity
    is developed as a result of exposure to a pathogen
  20. aerobic bacteria
    must have oxygen
  21. anaerobic bacteria
    destroyed in oxygen
  22. falculative anerobic
    grown with/without oxygen
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