Indiana Traffic Sign Shapes and Colors

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  1. Alerts drivers of upcoming railroad signs.
    Circular Traffic Signs
  2. Traffic signs that warn drivers to slow down when approaching an intersection and to be prepared to come to a complete stop.
    Three-Sided Traffic Signs
  3. Traffic signs posted on the left-handed side of two-way roads to warn drivers not to pass other vehicles on the left.
    Pennant-Shaped Traffic Signs
  4. Traffic signs that display regulations that drivers must obey. They warn drivers to avoid certain actions and will often have a symbol surrounded by a red circle with a red diagonal bar (No Left Turn signs).
    Square Traffic Signs
  5. Traffic signs that:
    Display traffic regulations that drivers must obey such as speed limits
    Posted with Pennant-Shaped Signs to warn drivers not to pass other vehicles
    Rectangular Traffic Signs
  6. Traffic signs that warnn drivers of upcoming road conditions and hazards.
    Diamond-Shaped Traffic Signs
  7. Traffic signs that warn drivers that they are entering an area near a school where children may be crossing.
    Five-Sided Traffic Signs
  8. Traffic Signs that warn drivers to stop and yield the appropriate right-of-way at an intersection.
    Eight-sided Traffic Signs
  9. Signs that require drivers to take immediate actions to avoid threats to traffic safety.
    Red Traffic Signs
  10. Traffic signs that prepare drivers for specific road conditions and hazards ahead, and alert drivers to nearby school zones.
    Yellow or Fluorescent Yellow-Green Traffic Signs
  11. Traffic signs that display traffic regulations that drivers must obey such as speed limits, as wel as helpful information such as state highway markers.
    White Traffic Signs
  12. Traffic signs that warn drivers of conditions ahead due to highway construction and maintenance projects.
    Orange Traffic Signs
  13. Traffic signs that indicate directions, highway entrances and exits, and distance to upcoming destinations.
    Green Traffic Signs
  14. Traffic signs that display traveler information to drivers.
    Blue Traffic Signs
  15. Traffic signs that indicate nearby parks and recreational areas.
    Brown Traffic Signs

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