Global II Quiz 7

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  1. dissident
    one who disagrees with the general opinion or actions of a group
  2. doctrine
    a position or principle taught and believed in by a church or government
  3. dynasty
    ruling family that passes the right to rule from one member to another
  4. feudalism
    system of rule by local lords who were bound to the king by ties of loyalty; based on the exchange of land for service
  5. glasnost
    policy of openness initiated by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev
  6. guerilla
    member of a group that carries on raids and fights an established government
  7. human rights
    the basic rights of all people, such as the right to life, equal protection of laws, freedom from arrest without reason, laws against torture and enslavement, etc. that are basic to modern societies
  8. imperialism
    domination of one country of the political, social, and economic life on another
  9. laissez-faire
    an economic policy in which the government does not interfere with the economy
  10. leftest
    a person who favors change or reforms, usually in the name of greater freedom
  11. matriarchal
    a family group led by the mother
  12. militarism
    policy in which the armed forces are made powerful and military interests are glorified
  13. militarized
    to train, prepare, or equip for warfare
  14. monarchy
    governmet headed by a king or queen
  15. nationalism
    feeling of pride and devotion to one's counry
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