GCSE Chemistry

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  1. some alternate fuels have already been developed , and there are others in the pipeline . Many of them are ...... fuels so unlike fossil fuels they won't .... ..... . However none of them are perfect - they all have pros and cons . Alternate fuels include ...... , ...... , ......
    • renewable
    • run out
    • ethanol
    • biodiesel
    • hydrogen
  2. biodiesel come from
    the products of living organisms, such as methane biogas from decaying manure and sewage. Vegetable oils are also used as fuels for vehicles. Some of this biodiesel is made from waste cooking oil and rapeseed oil
  3. biodiesel is ...... .... because the CO2 released when its burnt was .... .... .... .... ..... .... .... ....
    • carbon neutral
    • taken in by the plant as it grew .
  4. with biodiesel engines
    dont need gto be converted
  5. biodiesel produces a lot
    less sulphur dioxide and particulates than ordinary diesel or petrol
  6. biodiesel can be mixed with
    ordinary diesel fuel and used to run a diesel engine
  7. the problem with biodiesel is we cant make
    enough to completely replace diesel it is expensive to make
  8. using biodiesel rather than fuels from crude oil reduces our
    carbon footprint
  9. biodiesel is ...... than diesel by nearly ..... a litre
    • cheaper
    • 90p
  10. the problem with biodiesel is that poorly produced biodiesel may become
    conatminated with water which can damage fuel pumps and engines
  11. although waste oil can be used to produce biodiesel which is perhaps cheaper for an individual rather than buying diesel . you do have to buy
    a fuel pod to convert waste oil to biodiesel and his costs just over £3000
  12. producing biodiesel means burning forests to make way for crops . This means that
    • habitats will be destroyed
    • trees are also carbon sinks however when they are destroyed they no longer take in CO2
  13. producing biodiesel means that agricultural
    land is destroyed this may mean that there will be food shortages in the future and this will lead to an increase in food prices
  14. overall the problem with using ethanol as a fuel is
    • ethanol fuel isnt widely available
    • engines need to be converted before they'll work with ethanol fuels
  15. hydrogen gas can also be used to power vechiles . You get hydrogen from the
    electrolysis of water - there's plenty of water about but it takes electrical energy to split it up . This energy can come from a renweable source such as solar or wind power
  16. the pros of using hydrogen gas as a fuel are
    hydrogen combines with oxygen in the air to form just water - so it's a very clean fuel
  17. when hydrogen burns the only waste product produced is
    water vapour , which does not cause the pollution problems of other fuels
  18. hydrogen fuel cells are the most promising way to use hydrogen as a fuel for cars . These
    generate electricity by reacting hydrogen with oxygen from the air . The electricty can then power electric motors
  19. hydrogen is ....... , so it must be transported and handled with care .
  20. Hydrogen is bulky and difficult to store as
    a gas , so it is usually stored as a liquid at high pressure and low temperature
  21. you need a special , expensive ....... and hydrogen isnt ...... ......
    • engine
    • widely availlable
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