historyexam day 2

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  1. scholars took a new interest in ideas and classical writings from greece and rome
  2. worldy view, down to earth outlook
  3. wealth of Italian City-states
  4. movement which accepted the importance of people
  5. Leonardo
    Mona lisa
  6. Michelangelo
    sistine chapel
  7. priting press
    guttenberg imporved literacy
  8. Crisis for the church a split in christianity occurred
    protestant reformation
  9. monk who started a new religion called Luthernism
    Martin Luther
  10. Luther's belief in redemption
    you need faith to gain salvation
  11. Who supported Martin Luther?
    German Princes
  12. City which supported the Reformation
  13. Results of the Reformation
    New protestant religions
  14. He wrote Utopia
    Thomas Moore
  15. Religion that accepts predestination
  16. founded the church of England because the pope would not grant him an annulment
    Henry VIII
  17. Adult Baptism
  18. Followers of Ignatius of Loyola
    Jesuits (teacher missionaries)
  19. *Reasons for European Exploration
    God, Gold, Glory
  20. Set up a school where experts taught portugese sailors
    Prince Henry the Navigator
  21. First destination of Portugese explorers
    Down the west coast of Africa
  22. First round trip to India
    Vasco Da Gama
  23. Where Columbus actually explored?
    Cuba, and the Bahamas
  24. Where Cortez conquered?
    Mexico, the Aztec Empire
  25. What caused Spain to finally lose it's power?
    The defeat of the Armada
  26. Receive power from God
    Absolute Monarchy
  27. What nation was ruled by a constitutional monarchy
    Great Britain
  28. Identify political, economic, and cultural achievements of the Ming Dynasty
    maintain contact with the outside world and produce porcelin
  29. Identify political, economic, and cultural achievements of the Qing Dynasty
    limited contact with the outside world, but still produced porcelin
  30. List reasons China shut out the West
  31. Identify main social classes in Japan during Tokugawa Period
    The shogun, (supreme military leader)
  32. Method Shogun used to control the Daimyo
    Hostage System
  33. Tokyo
  34. Challenged power of the church
    Scientific Revolution
  35. Polish astronomer, "Earth revolves around the sun"
  36. He invented the telescope
  37. He discovered gravity
    Issac Newton
  38. Why did the Catholic Church condemn the work of Galileo during the seventeeth century?
    his ideas challenged the bible
  39. Age of Reason
  40. "Life , liberty, and protection of property"
    John Locke
  41. Defined 3 branches of government and separation of powers
  42. He supported religious toleration
  43. Lead by Common people who supported a change in the government
    The French Revolution
  44. The causes of the French Revolution?
    the 3rd estate did not want to pay taxes
  45. What does conservative mean?
    against change
  46. what does liberal mean?
    in favor of change
  47. Tennis Court Oath
    To write a constitution
  48. 1st event of the French Revolution
    Storming of the Bastille
  49. Results of the French Revolution
    dictatorship under Napolean.
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