Religion Vocab Final Review

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  1. evangelists
    anyone who actively works to spread the Gospel of Jesus
  2. Revelation
    God's self-disclosure to us, he reveals himself and his divine plan of salvation
  3. salvation history
    pattern of specific events in human history that reveal God's prescence and saving actions
  4. sanctifiying grace
    supernatural gift of God by which our sins are fogiven, we are made holy and our friendship with God is restored
  5. Tradition
    process of passing on the Gospel message "hand on"
  6. vocation
    a calling from God to fulfill a particular purpose or mission in life
  7. Abba
    "my father" used by Jesus to call attention to his and our intimate relationship with the heavenly father
  8. Christ
    "annointed one"
  9. Jesus
    "God Saves"
  10. Messiah
    "annointed one" (Hebrew)
  11. monotheism
    belief and worship of one god
  12. Trinity
    God is three Divine Persons in one; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
  13. Annunciation
    Angel Gabriel visits Virgin Mary and announces she is to be the mother of the Savior
  14. Beatific Vision
    Directly encountering and seeing God in the glory of heaven
  15. hypostatic union:
    union of Jesus Christ's divine and human natures in one divine person
  16. Immaculate Conception:
    celebrates day Mary was concieved by mother without original sin
  17. Incarnation
    son of God assumed a human nature in order to accomplish our salvation in it
  18. Original Sin
    sin first humans commited, lost orginal holiness and became subject to death
  19. word
    Jesus, "logos"
  20. Assumption
    God brought Mary's whole being-body and soul- into heaven
  21. Emmanuel
    "God with us"
  22. holy days of obligation
    feast days on which Catholics are obliged to participate in the Eucharist
  23. personal sin
    any deliberate offense in thought, word or deed against the will of God
  24. agape
    love that is spiritual and unselfish, serve freely with out reward, suffer without getting revenge
  25. Beatitudes
    teachings of Jesus during the Sermon on the Mount, one can discover genuine meaning and happiness (words)
  26. clean of heart
    consistency in thought and deed, living with intention of doing God's will
  27. Heaven
    state of eternal life and union with God, where we experience full happiness
  28. humility
    seeing ourselves as we really are: beloved children of God who are in constant need of divine grace as we journey toward ultimate perfection of God's reign
  29. Kingdom of God
    reign or rule of God over hearts of people (Reign of God)
  30. meek
    showing humility and patience
  31. mercy
    showing compassion to those you have power over
  32. to mourn
    express sorrow or grief
  33. parables
    stores Jesus told, rooted in daily life that use symbolism
  34. Parousia
    second coming of Christ, Kingdom will be fully established
  35. to persecute
    oppress or treat harshly/unfairly
  36. poor in spirit
    the meek and those without power and influence
  37. prayer
    personal, vital, and intimate connection with the living God
  38. Purgatory
    state of final purification
  39. Sermon on the Mount
    collection of Jesus' teachings (Mathew presents as a speech)
  40. Stat of beatitude
    (Reign of God) vision of God
  41. chastity
    people are able to successfully and healthfully integrate sexuality into thier total person
  42. conscience
    a God-given internal sense of what is morally right or wrong
  43. consistent ethic of life
    reverence for and protection of human life held by Catholics
  44. dominion
    we are to be stewards of all life
  45. the Fall
    "fall from Grace" biblical reveltaion about the origins of sin and evil
  46. inherent dignity
    dignity is so much part of us that it can never be taken away
  47. poverty
    lack material goods
  48. social consciousness
    awareness of problems that directly and indirectly affect groups of people and envrionment
  49. stewards
    people put in charge of managing, caring for, and protecting something
  50. catholic
  51. communion of the saints
    "holy persons" whom we are joined with as one (all members of Christ's own body)
  52. Eucharist
    "thanksgiving" prayer
  53. evangelical counsels
    call to go beyond minimum rules of life required by God and strive for spiritual perfection
  54. free will
    gift from God allowing human beings to choose actions and be held accontable
  55. grace
    gift of God's loving presence with us, empowers us to respond to God's call
  56. laity (lay people)
    all members of the Church except bishops, priests or deacons
  57. liturgy
    all official public prayer of the Church
  58. Pentecost
    when followers of Jesus recieved the Holy Spirit
  59. saint
    anyone trying to live a holy and Christian life
  60. theodicy
    human attempts to answer: If God is all powerful and all good, how is it possible that there is so much suffering in the world?
  61. belief
    refers to mental act or state of mind placing trust or confidence in a person or doctrine
  62. disciple
    a follower who seeks to imitate jesus words and actions
  63. evangelize
    to share our faith in jesus christ, and the good news of his life, death, and resurrection
  64. faith
    our response to god's revelation. the internal surrender of our whole selves - minds, hearts, and spirits - to god
  65. theological virtues
    the name for the god-given virtues of faith, hope and love
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