Anatomy: Exam one

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  1. Osteoclast
    large cells that resorb or break down bone matrix
  2. Interstitial fluid
    the fluid between cells
  3. Fibrocartilage
    has the characteristics of cartilage but fibrous because of concentration of collagen fibers. Ex. Intervertebral disc
  4. Goblet cells
    individual cells (simple glands) that produce mucus
  5. Chondroblast
    a cartilage -forming cell
  6. Hyaline
    glassy, transparent
  7. Osteoblast
    bone-forming cell
  8. Dense connective tissue
    composed mostly of collagen. Ex. Tendon and ligament
  9. Epithelium
    one of the primary tissues; covers the surface of the body and lines the body cavities, ducts, and vessels
  10. Simple epithelium
    one layer of epithelial cells resting on the basement membrane
  11. _________ are ductless glands that empty their hormonal products directly into the blood
    Endocrine glands
  12. more than one layer of epithelial cells resting on the basement membrane
    Stratified epithelium
  13. Apical surface
    a free (unattached) surface
  14. Ligament
    dense connective tissue that connects bone to bone
  15. Stroma
    the internal supporting framework of lymphoid and some other organs
  16. Neuron
    working cell of the nervous system
  17. Muscle tissue
    primary tissue designed to contract or shorten. Ex. Skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscle
  18. Nervous tissue
    primary tissue composing the nervous system. Ex. neurons and supporting cells of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves
  19. pertaining to flat thin cells that form the free surface of some epithelial tissues
  20. membrane that lines a cavity without an opening to the outside of the body ; serosa . Ex. Pleura, pericardium
    Serous membrane
  21. the space inside a tube, blood vessel, or hollow organ
  22. the material between adjoining cells; especially important in connective tissue
    Intercellular matrix
  23. fluid within the body but outside the cells
    Extracellular fluid
  24. specialized muscle of the heart
    Cardiac muscle
  25. Exocrine glands
    secrete through a duct to the epithelial surface
  26. Mucous
    sticky, thick fluid, secreted by mucous glands and mucous membranes, that keeps the free surface of membranes moist
  27. Muscle type found in the walls of hollow visceral organs and blood vessels
    Smooth muscle
  28. soft areolar connective tissue with few fibers that fills the empty spaces of the body
    Loose connective tissue
  29. microscopic stripes in skeletal muscle cells (fibers) due to highly organized contractile elements in the cell
  30. Extracellular
    Outside the cell
  31. Adipose
  32. a mature bone cell
  33. forms the stroma, the internal support framework in lymphoid organs. Ex. lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow
    Reticular connective tissue
  34. Mucous membrane
    (mucosa) membrane that forms the linings of body cavities open to the exterior. Ex. digestive, respiratory, urinary, and reproductive tracts
  35. a thin layer of extracellular material to which epithelial cells are attached
    Basement membrane
  36. the branch of anatomy dealing with the microcopic structure of tissues
  37. dense connective tissue connecting skeletal muscle to bone
  38. White semi-opaque connective tissue strong but flexible
  39. The tiny projections on the free surfaces of some epithelial cells; increase surface area for absorption
  40. Connective tissue
    a primary tissue; form and function vary extensively. Functions include support, storage, and protection
  41. Special junctions between cardiac muscle cells allowing communication between the cells
    Intercalated disks
  42. Strong but flexible. Composed of collagen fibers hidden in a rubbery matrix with a glassy appearance. Ex. Articular cartilage covering the ends of bone
    Hyaline cartilage
  43. _________is an organ specialized to secrete or excrete substances for further use in the body or for elimination
  44. loose connective tissue with few fibers and open spaces i.e. "areola"
    Areolar tissue
  45. a mature cartilage cell
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